Removing white paint and decals on cameras?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if you have any tricks on removing all these old painted logos on cameras? I tired using acetone or nail polish removal and it seems to eat away at the plastics surface a bit. I have a camera where this paint just flaked off over time. I know I could just use tape, but just looking for a permanent solution.
  2. Anything chemical that is going to remove the white paint is probably going to eat the plastic and/or black paint around the white paint too. Black tape or masking things off and repainting with black paint are probably your better options.
  3. rdm


    Best bet is to cover or paint over the words .
    That's what photographers have been doing for years.
    Most use a black marker to go over the words that are painted in indented spots, some use paint markers, and others use pieces of black electrical or gaffer tape.
    On that particular camera I might even consider covering the whole front with a camera leatherette. That's a nice camera, and I think It would be great to give it a custom look. You can just order a piece from camera leather dot com and cut your own pattern.
  4. Electrical tape works very well. And if you change your mind, it's easy to remove or re-position. What's underneath will be nicely preserved, just in case you want to sell the camera and have it look more original for a better price.
  5. Good old Lighter Fluid works good with out ruining a camera.

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