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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by m m, Mar 11, 2004.

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    I have been having a terrible time with water spots on my film. I
    use, and have used, both LFN and Photo-Flo. I use only bottled
    distilled water for the final rinse. Even using a squeegee the little
    bits of residual water around the sprocket holes tends to leave a
    water mark.

    I tried to rewash a roll that was processed a couple of weeks ago,
    and could not make the stain disapear enough to not print as density.

    Are there any chemical solutions to remove this staining, and even
    better, what could be causing it?

  2. In a recent issue of Photo Techniques someone suggested using a professional window washer's squeegee, not the ones we get through the usual photography supply houses. I picked one up a Home Depot and was amazed at how well it works in comparison to my Kalt or Paterson squeegees. You only can do one side at a time, but that doesn't matter much. Hope this helps.
  3. Try varying the concentration of Photo-Flo in your final bath. I got water spots with distilled water and Photo-Flo but the concentration was not strong enough; as soon as I increased it there were no more problems. You want the water to sheet off. If it isn't then there is probably not enough wetting agent in the final bath to do a proper job. Don't use a squeege - it shouldn't be needed and one day you will regret it.
  4. MM, I've been struggling with the same problem, and I have found the situation is improved if I use less PhotoFlo. One or two drops in a 240ml tank is all I need. If your film is coming out with suds on it, you have too much. -Bruce
  5. Throw some plain, dye-free rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) into the rinse, which will lower the surface tension of the water, much as Photo-Flo does...
  6. I get the impression that MM was more asking how to get rid of
    the marks once they are there.

    While the preventative steps mentioned are very useful for the
    future there is no real way to eradicate the marks of the past.

    One day there will be a cure for AIDS but there will NEVER be a
    cure for drying marks.

    Prevention is better than cure. I use 10ml of Photo-Flo (or Agfa
    Agepon) in 2 litres of water. Have had not trouble as yet. Not that
    I do much roll film or 35mm but when I do I use a Kanebo
    synthetic chamois to gently wipe the film - have done so with
    good result for over 35 years.
  7. Hello everyone. Re the stain from the drying: I would soak a drying stained film for 3 minutes in water, refix the film and wash. To prevent stains, spots and all the other LocNessies that occur, I use 1/2cc of Photoflo in a 450cc SS film can, soaking for 3 minutes. I then hang the film and use a mister pump bottle with DI water to wash down each side of the film twice. Allow to air dry (do not force air dry). Enjoy, Bill
  8. I use a drop of dishwashing liquid in my bathroom sink filled with handwarm
    NY tap water -keep the film in there for about a minute and use a regular film squeegee.
    I have no problems with water stains at all...
  9. Using distilled water only for the final rinse is not enough sometimes. The city water here in L.A. is ultra-hard. I have found it necessary to mix ALL developing chemicals in distilled water. Otherwise, the mineral deposits etch the emulsion permanently midway in the processing.
  10. Try Pec-Pads
  11. I do 2 small final rinses in distilled water. A final final rinse is done in a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and meths. The meths water mix should help rapid drying. I hang the film in the bathroom after the shower has been run for a few minutes. The steam from the shower will drop the dust from the air. I remove excess water with my fingers, running two fingers down the film to wipe it off. Beware of the squeegee, one day a wee bit of grit will get on it and it will make you cry when you see the scratch from one end of the film to the other. I leave the radiator on full and wait. Oh I also cut the film into strips of 18 to dry. I don't use photoflow or anything else, tried them and just got more drying marks.

    Having gone through all that I still get the occasional mark and always on the one I want to print. I clean the neg with a lint free cloth with a little lighter fuel on it. Brutal but usually works.

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