Removing Exif (Camera Data) from a jpg with photoshop

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by dave_osborne, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know if I can strip out the exif data (Camera Data 1 in
    FileInfo) which shows which camera was used to capure an image using
    If not is there any other utilities which'll do this.. preferable in a
    Thanks in advance,
  2. The "Save for Web" option should do it.
  3. Or copy it into a new document as save it. Useful when you don't want the lossiness of save for web [eg PSDs or TIFFs] and you can create an action to do it as a batch function.
  4. Real old Photoshop versions do this for you; without ANY warning. Many off brand older image programs will strip out this info too; when you save it with their program. The jpg header is often more primative in off brand and old software; and your info is lost; if saved in these programs.
  5. There are special programs, such as exifer and Irfanview, that will losslessly remove EXIF. Using Photoshop SaveForWeb will almost certainly degrade a JPEG image.
  6. .

    I concur - use FREE and batch the group -- I also reset colors to 256 and resize and sharpen and ad a watermark and a border and all in one dialogue! GREAT!

    Know when to leave PhotoShop behind.


    Love and hugs,

    Peter Blaise
  7. Is there any way to use colour profiles with Irfanview? The batch function seems to strip out any embedded profile info too. Great program otherwise though.
  8. hmm.. i downloaded the exif plugin for irfanview and it looked like I could only view the exif data rather than change it. Can anyone elaborate on how you're supposed to do it?

    Exifer worked fine but wouldn't batch it unless I paid (tightarse scotsman that I am).

    Save-for-web's not really an option cos (although I never mentioned this) I want to do this on Tiffs also.

    Does using an old version of photoshop strip out only the exif data but leaves all the other metadata? (i.e. keywords etc)?
    So still slightly confused as to the best way to do this.
  9. Spearhead

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    To remove the EXIF in Irfanview, go into batch conversion, set the output format to jpeg, click on the options button next to the output format box, and uncheck the boxes on "keep original data." Then run the batch operatoin.
  10. Jeff, is that lossless conversion? That's not how I would do it.
    I would use Options > JPG Lossless Operations: Transformation None,
    Optimize, Save with Original Date/Time, and either Clean All APP
    markers, or Custom Keep Comment only.
  11. Spearhead

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    Bill is right that you should use the lossless jpg operation. However, his method isn't the way to do it in batch. If you want to do it in a batch, you need to open the thumbnail view (type "T" while in the main Irfanview window and select a folder which has the images you want to strip the info from). When the thumbnails open, select the images for stripping (CTRL-A selects them all). Then go to the File menu (not the Options as you would for a single image in the main Irfanview window), then select JPG Lossless Operations, then Lossless Transformations with Selected Thumbs. Click Custom in the bottom of the menu that pops up, and unclick EXIF and IPTC. Then hit Start.

    This is easier than it sounds, the steps are pretty obvious once you are in thumbnail view with the items selected and choose File.

    Also, because it overwrites the original file, you may want to use a copy if you ever want the EXIF again.

    Thanks to Bill for mentioning the lossless operation - I usually work from TIFF files when I convert, so I don't have the issue of lossy vs lossless since I'm not rewriting a jpg.
  12. That is fantastic info... cheers guys.
  13. I discovered Irfanview thanks to this thread and it is very efficient for this task ! And so light compared to PS... 1 second to load compared to 30 seconds...
    <br>I did not test the rest of the software but that looks interesting.
  14. You guys rock! Thank you for the exif removal help. Irfanview rocks too! ;P The batch function is wonderful.

    Take care.

    Huy (sounds like "we")
  15. If you want to delete Exif and other metadata in a batch mode, and without any picture data loss - you can try Exifcleaner. That's what I personally use for my needs when publishing photos on the Web. And removing of EXIF and IPTC with the help of IrfanView is not enough sometimes - there are a lot of other hidden information stored in JPEG, like Adobe XMP which duplicates almost all EXIF fields:
  16. There is a much easier way to remove ALL exif data than downloading programs and saving for web or saving as BMP then back to JPEG, most of which dont work, All you need to do is - SELECT - ALL, EDIT - COPY, SELECT - DESELECT, FILE- NEW-OK, EDIT-PASTE then flatten image. You can of course use keyboard shortcuts on a mac it would be - command a - command c - command d - then file new and ok - command v then flatten image. Once this is done ( sounds complicated but its not ) save the file and once you reopen it there is NO exif data left.
  17. Luke, it would help if you would list the program/software/command through which one would execute your listed steps.

    For EXIF data munging, all one needs is exiftool -- -- really. In this case ...

    exiftool --all= file1 file2 ...

    ... without the need to mousing around or firing up a heavy program.
  18. Sorry I should have said, I was using adobe photoshop.
  19. This app works well for me:
  20. This works well, but all changes to the file are still recorded, is there a way to delete everything?
  21. Walter, what do you exactly mean by the changes? Perhaps, it's info stored by Photoshop, and it's called Adobe XMP -- in this case it can be easily deleted using EXIFCleaner by SuperUtils (already mentioned above).
  22. Download Xnview form for free. Go to Batch Processing and select Clean Metadata. Works 100%

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