Removing bayonet ring on RZ 37mm??

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  1. Hi there,
    can anyone offer an accurate explanation for the removal of the rear bayonet ring on an RZ lens? Specifically the 37mm fisheye lens? The bayonet ring used to mount the lens onto the RZ Body appears to be slightly ovalized - It becomes free-er when squeezed in one axis, and vice versa. It is extremely hard to mount onto the RZ, to the point where you have to lay the camera onto it's film back and use the weight of the lens to get the bayonet ring started. Not an ideal situation. TBH this lens seems to be a lemon that has been dropped, I have already had to buy parts for it for the cable release socket, and it has damage to the very side of the main front element as if it has had a severe side impact (although there is zero evidence if this on the casing). The seller withheld the true condition of the lens in a no-feedback sale. Should have known. Was not that expensive I guess, but would like to at least use it, or see if it has some sharpness - hopefully I can give it some TLC and come away with a half usable lens....
  2. My recommendation would be to contact Mamiya America or KEH to see if they can email you a schematic for the parts list for the lens which usually indicates the order they follow just to give you an idea of what you are up against. Ask how much the replacement parts would be & if your prefer not to replace the parts yourself, a estimate for the repair.
    I doubt trying to straighten out a warped part will be a effective solution.
    If repaired properly your stock will go up & you will have a proper functional lens to photograph with.
    To continue to force the lens onto the camera doesn't sound right, for the long run.
  3. Mamiya USA will send you the parts diagram and sell you the part. I have taken these lenses apart a fair bit, they are not that bad to work on. There should be 3 radial screws under the rubber grip that covers the rear bayonet ring. Remove the rubber part and unscrew those and the rear bayonet ring should come off, I believe.
    Good luck, it's a great lens and would be a shame to not use it.


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