Removal of "orphan" comments, reference to moved photos

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by carl_williams, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Hi - I now have several "orphan" comments on photodb photos in my list, and there doesn't appear to be any way to remove these.
    When a contributer moves (re-submits?), disables viewing of or deletes a photo, anyone who has commented on the photo is left with comments which point to a "this photo has gone" page. Like this: a comented-on photo
    Since the "delete this comment" link is on the photo page, not in the commenting contributer's list, the comment becomes un-removeable yet at the same time irrelevant and frustrating for other users, who may be following comment links to find photos. In at least one case with my own comments, the photo has just been re-submitted with the same name but a different ID, and it was only by chance that I followed another photographer's comment link to the new location.
    How about a "delete this comment" link within the comment list itself? Also, how about a link to the commented-on photographer, as well as the photograph, as people often re-submit the same picture after re-scanning, touching up, whatever, and it's nice to be able to go back to a comment and see what it refers to, and/or check out any new work by a contributer whose photos one has commented on before.
    A minor niggle, perhaps, but my guess is that the increasing number of broken comment links will start to erode the usefulness of checking out a contributer's list of comments, something I find generally very helpful at the moment.
    Any thoughts?
    Carl Williams
  2. Carl, I know about this problem. Actually a very high percentage of the comments on photos are dangling comments like this. I think The fix is to make sure the comments are deleted along with any deleted photo, rather than leaving it and letting the user try to reattach it to the deleted photo.
  3. I deleted 40000+ orphaned comments this morning in the database.
    The second part of the fix, which is making sure that more comments
    don't get orphaned when photos are deleted, is on my list of thinkgs to do.
  4. Hi Brian - that idea (delete the comments with the 'photo) sounds
    fine to me, and has the virtue of simplicity.
    I think it'd be very difficult to try to re-attach to a
    new instance of the same 'photo (though perhaps it'd be handy to
    have an option when
    a photo is deleted to maintain an HTML placekeeper for the list
    of comments, if extensive, which could link to related work, e.g. the
    photo re-posted after applying suggestions etc?)
    The other idea,
    of having a "delete" link with the comment itself (only for the
    owner, obviously) would, however, have the advantage of leaving
    comments which may be part of some loose wider dialogue, or which
    provide some kind of insight into the mood and attitude of the
    commentator. And a link to the commented-on photographer would be
    a handy luxury...
    Carl Williams

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