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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by derek_simpson, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. I have an unusual (for me) function imminent. Celebrity (real celebrity) guest. For the finale moment I want to have a remote camera on lighting bar above stage. Ideally I'd like that camera to "power off" so as not to be draing battery use;lessly for two hours. In tests once I attach a pocket wizard remote I lose this (and all) functionality. Does anyone know a way y to achieve sleep and wake up on command ? Selection of 1DMkII s by the way
  2. Might you be better off with an external AC supply for the camera? Have the lighting guy get you a hot outlet.
  3. The power drainage on most Canon DSLRs when not in use is pretty negligible. I leave my camera on virtually all the time and see no problem with that.
  4. Thanks gents. Am going to recce the venue on Wednesday hoping for a reliable supply on the bar. I do theatre lighting and have history with the probable LX operator. Suffice to say I ain't trusting him not to sabotage a switch channel. I'm testing batteries and know there ought not to be a problem over a couple of hours but for many reasons this is for me a massive gig - I'd be less wired up if it were an Olympic final !.
  5. If you don't wan't to use a channel in the lights dimmer, you may use another AC source, such as a Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini, or the equivalent Photogenic Lithium unit. I have never used mine to power a camera, but I used it to power other devices, and making such an investing for this kind of important event would be a minor expense (one that you could actually use in the future to power other devices, such as flashes).
    You could also check what time-lapse photographers use for location power (I don't think there is a reliable 120 VAC source up in the mountains where many time-lapse videos are made, and transporting a generator isn't viable because of it's weight).
  6. Thanks - haven't heard of these devices so will investigate them.. Recce'd the venue this morning - in an academic campus - there are 14 power racks supplying close to 100 lamp outlets - no-one has a diagram or knows which is what and in a refurbishment the 24 way control was ditched in favour of six dimmers with presets such that no=one knows or understands. No-one today could locate the DMX decoder or indeed seemed to know what exactly they were seeking. Managed to raise a dozen lights after half an hour - none with colour frames - not a happy boy. Didn't want to use flash but may need to. Thanks again for input.

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