remote releases for EOS 3 & XTI

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by david_clark|4, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Is there a wireless remote release that will serve as shutter trigger for both
    an EOS 3 and a Rebel XTI?
  2. No. The plugs are different. And the EOS 3 does not have an infrared receiver.

    You could buy a pair of cheap eBay wireless radio remotes, one with an N3 plug and one with
    a 2.5mm audio plug. And use the same transmitter to trigger whichever remote you have
    plugged into the appropriate camera. Or you could open up a remote and rewire it to have
    two plugs.
  3. Hello David:

    Check-out the Pocket Wizard radio triggers:

    You will need to purchase at least one (rather pricey) cable. They will also trigger remote flashes/strobes and they can be configured to trigger a camera shutter + remote flashes (at the same time).

    The newer Pocket Wizards are "transceivers" (any of these may be used as a transmitter or a receiver). Some other brands, and older Pocket Wizards, have dedicated transmit and receive units.

    I have Pocket Wizards that I use for my flashes and they never fail to work as designed.

    There are cheaper radio triggers available on Ebay etc. Do your research on those. It appears, from countless internet forum posts, that they may not be all that reliable. You have to weigh that off against the price as they are a fraction of the cost of Pocket Wizards.

    Cheers! Jay

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