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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nirvan_a, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Could you please give ideas to control the camera from the distance with live view of what the camera is seeing on the laptop and controlling the ISOs, aperture, shutter speed ?
  2. Depends on the camera. With my EOS 6D and 70D I can connect with the built-in WiFi to my iPhone or iPad and use EOS Remote for LiveView, triggering and tweaking settings. Takes a few minutes and the manual to set it up (very cryptic interface). Other models require third party hardware and an app for wireless control. Since you didn't indicate what camera you're using, we can only guess what you might need.
  3. Puppy, I believe Nirvana has a 1DX.
    This is one of the features I really look forward to on the 6D. Another is that it is smaller and lighter than what I've been using.
  4. Puppy Face,
    Will it be possible with 1DX and 5DMK III
  5. I use Cam Ranger with my 1DX, 7D, and 5D Mk II. It works a treat and gives a nice live view image on the Ipad as well as extending the multi exposure capabilities for HDR photography beyond the limitations of the camera and focusing on any point of the image I designate whether the camera has a focus point there or not.
  6. Michael, apart from view can u control aperture, speeds and ISO also from your iPad using cam ranger ?
  7. Check out CamRanger. I've used it, works great
  8. The CamRanger system , is indeed what you want. A more in depth user review can be read here: and an example here:
  9. Hi Ellis,

    How does the cam ranger perform outside on a pad screen? I've always had trouble seeing detail on my iPad/ipod
  10. If you are cheap like me you mioght want to check out DSLRREMOTE
    The only downside of this app is you need a small laptop I use a cheap little winbook and velcro it to my Tripod. Then I can use my Iphone or Android to control every setting on the camera and my Iphone becomes the Live-view of what the camera is seeing. Does, HDR, time lapse, etc. Pretty cool for the price.

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