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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by lex_jenkins, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. While I recently announced that I am taking a less active role
    in moderating the b&w forums I want to make it clear that I have not
    abandoned the forums. There are other moderators and the forums are
    still being observed. Please don't assume that because inappropriate
    personal remarks and off-topic comments are not immediately addressed
    by moderators that forum participants are free to continue with
    impunity to turn into usenet or any other chaotic,
    unregulated discussion forum.<p>

    The vast majority of participants do not want
    forums to be like other discussion forums. After reading
    for several years and being an active participant for nearly as long I
    think it's safe to say that most participants here don't want the
    anarchy of news groups or the tedium of tepid oatmeal forums full of
    endless questions about which film is best for which subject matter.
    We have to strike a balance between being accessible to newbies while
    avoiding the extremism that often plagues "experts", who have
    forgotten what it was like not to know everything.<p>

    The b&w forums are usually among the best on, IMO.
    Participants are generally helpful, respectful of others' opinions and
    of forum and site policies. Naturally there are occasional lapses,
    which is why the forums are moderated.<p>

    However because I have less time to devote to moderating these forums
    the most expedient approach for the time I can spend here is to
    arbitrarily delete inappropriate comments and entire threads. I no
    longer have the time to send personal e-mails to everyone explaining
    why I've edited comments or deleted entire threads. Rules for forum
    participation are simple and clear so I don't see any need to
    continually explain why I've deleted questions about which color film
    to use or which inkjet printer to buy.<p>

    Other moderators have been kind enough to step in and keep an eye on
    the b&w forums while I take time off to recover from back and neck
    pain, a recurring problem since an automobile accident a few years
    ago. I'm not going to take advantage of their generosity by creating
    more problems for them, which includes giving the impression that I'm
    neglecting these forums.<p>

    Please feel free to continue to participate in a construtive, positive
    manner. I try hard not to be a net nanny and I don't mind a bit when
    discussions involve differences of opinion. But differences can be
    expressed without degenerating into personal attacks, no matter how
    indirectly expressed or cleverly couched.<p>

    For the record, anyone who's followed my own comments long enough
    knows that I have strong opinions of my own and have occasionally
    lapsed into responding to the person rather than to the idea. However
    I try always to remind myself that once I've expressed myself by
    responding to comments from others it isn't necessary to endlessly
    reiterate my remarks in an effort to overwhelm the discussion through
    obstinate verbosity. Obviously that's enough of a challenge for me on
    the best day. Anyone else could probably have written these remarks
    in three paragraphs.<p>

    Thanks for your understanding. -- Lex
  2. Good to hear from you, Les. I continue to read much more than I post, but appreciate your contributions both in your knowlege of photography, and in your desire to maintain civilty. I pray that you are recovering. Thanks for what you do!
  3. Lex; I respect your remarks particularly the one concerning 'newbies vs experts'. As the input to this forum is generaly of high calibre or extreme interest I think it important to help those that are new to the medium.We must be carefull not to brush off irrelevant questions too quickly.With increasing costs to process black & white it requires a great deal of commitment to stick with this artform/hobby.
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    Good work.

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