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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rick_drawbridge, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Sorry Rick... maybe it was Tony_L.. I will search back to see. It was Contax mount lenses IIRC. In any case I did have an email address.. I'll see if I can pull it up.
  2. +1 Gene M
  3. Well, was unusable for me due to buggy software for about three years, so it's easy to imagine people giving up on it.
  4. I greatly enjoyed Gene's posts. I would share them with my wife as they were too good to enjoy alone.
  5. I had donated to his website a time or two, but the last time I tried the links were dead and paypal said the account was no longer valid.

    I hope he is doing well and maybe he will re-emerge at some point. His website has to be one of my all-time favorites, I still check it regularly for inspiration and hoping for a new update... I do admire the man and his approach to photography and life.
  6. There's a line between wondering what happened to someone / hoping they're doing OK and stalking them. ;)

    I wish I had been around here when he was active.

    I've been active on forums and eventually moved on without any announcement. It wasn't ever anything intentional either, - just stopped over time.

    I also used to maintain a website but it's long gone. It had a very specific audience and after awhile it became more of chore than something I got pleasure from. I let it fade rather than shut it down or announce that I wasn't maintaining it anymore.

    My point is that Gene may be just fine and on to other things.
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  7. tomspielman said :
    Precisely. Which is why it's certainly not my intention to pursue the matter any further, or even speculate on the whys or wherefores. Thanks for the memories, Gene.
  8. I recall Gene M. fondly.
    Always a kind word for my Widelux work.
    I recall him sending a very stinky warped camera around for other users to try. Herc-O-Flex maybe? I was one the participants. Classic early autos came out with bumpers looking like they had warped and almost melting.
  9. Some of his captions for those found film photos are the best.
  10. I also miss Gene M's posts here and hope that he is fine and just not in the mood to post. I seem to recall that he was often absent for a time, and also had some other obligations and issues, so perhaps he's just not had the time or inclination to spend in the darkroom for a while.

    It would be nice if he still occasionally looks here, and would let us know he's still kicking, even if he hasn't any new material. He has a real eye for the interesting, and a way of explaining why it's interesting.

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