Remarkable Butterfly Photos (Daily Mail)

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  1. Sandy Vongries

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  2. fascinating, beautiful photos
  3. Yes, astounding, innovative photos! I did wonder wonder whether Dr Brackenbury actually lay waiting in the grass at 'likely locations' or had some some automatic camera that he could trigger remotely. Googling him, I've not seen any references to 'remote triggering'.

    At photocrowd you can see the set up for a couple his photos.
    Basically, these seem to be:
    Nikon D800
    Single-shot high - speed image using custom-made 2.7 mm lens.
    Ambient light.
    1/6400 s exposure.

    Thanks for sharing these, Sandy!

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  4. Great pictures with very wide angle lenses. Quite a different perspective from what we used to see in butterfly pictures.
  5. Beautiful photos.

    I would love to see his camera setup, especially his lens. If he did use a Nikon D800, a 2.7mm focal length lens would need relay lenses in order for it to focus so close, and rely on depth of field to extend to infinity.
  6. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... I bet he cut out
    photos of butterflies and
    pasted them in the flower
  7. I once got down on the ground to photograph insects. Should have paid more attention to where I was, as I ended up with a nice poison ivy rash. Hopefully the good Doctor didn't suffer the same fate.
  8. I'm sure they must be for real, but they somehow remind me of Conan Doyle's fairy pictures
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  9. Sandy Vongries

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    The author was basically a footnote - the girls took the photos!
  10. But it was Conan Doyle that made them "famous" - anyway it's clear if you read the wiki and other articles on the subject.
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  11. Wonderful.

    So close, so surreal. so magical.


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