remanufactured printer cartridges? (Epson)

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  1. I'm sure this subject has come up before but given how quickly things change. . .

    My old Epson R1900 printer does a good job but the small ink cartridges cost ~$14 apiece and run out quickly. "Remanufactured" cartridges are about 1/3 the price but does anybody have any experience using them? Are some re-manufacturers better than others? Recommendations?

    Thanks. --Sally
  2. Best advice is Don't. I have some cheap remanufactured in my XP610 and they are junk. I doubt printer profiling software could correct the color error, black text is OK but not as sharp as Epson inks. Refill inks usually fade faster than Epson inks, may damage print heads or cause other problems. In past post Inkjetmall Welcome to InkJetMall got a strong recommendation. I use Printer Ink Refill Kits, Bulk Ink, Cartridges, and Toner -InkSupply as their inks are very good.
    I had an 870, R200 that died using Ink Supply refilable cartridges, the printers quit sensing any cartridge installed. I have a C66 that refuses to die and a 2200 photo that I use only Epson cartridges in as I rarely use it.

    Post the manufacturer of the cartridges you are considering for an opinion on them.
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    If you search aftermarket ink under topics there is quite a lot. Have no experience with Epson. Precision Colors has a good rep, Costco also does reloads, and since they have a no questions satisfaction guarantee...
  4. Using re-manufactured ink cartridges will void any warrantee on your printer. The print head can only be replaced at the factory, at a cost approaching that of a new printer if out of warrantee, plus shipping both ways. Do it as a last resort.
  5. I tried it with my Epson and recommend against it. I could see a difference in color quality and did have trouble with print heads after using.
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    As other's have stated, not a great idea!
  7. Thanks, all. My fears confirmed. If it seems too good to be true. . .
  8. My latest printer is a Canon (Pixma Pro-10), primarily because it has a replaceable print head ($25), The downside is that it probably must be replace periodically. Canon uses a burst of heat to expel ink droplets. Epson uses a piezoelectric effect, which seems to last forever, unless you get bad ink or fail to use the printer regularly.
  9. How many print heads does it have? I don't worry much about ink cost because I use an inkjet only for photos. B&W and color laser for all other type of printing. I print black text the most and inkjet can't beat a laser in this respect.
  10. Ink isn't free, even for photos. The Pixma Pro-10 has one print head and ten color cartridges. I get approximately 100 US Letter sized prints per US$133.00 set. I print text, graphics, brochures etc., on a color laser, or text only on a B&W laser. All are wired to ethernet, and accessible from any computer, wired or WiFi. B&W photos look much better on the Canon printer - outstanding grey scale and freedom from banding common to laser jets.

    Cartridges are used at different rates. I'm only on the second set. Once I get it figured out, I will buy only what I need for replacements.
  11. Sally, I took this note from PPA's website recommendation for good prices when my epson needs ink: as a recommended supplier for oem. Also,
  12. Inkjetmall has the best 3rd party ink reputation for Epson in the business so I doubt you'll have any head plugging issues. But you also won't get the longevity of OEM inks.

    Stylus Photo R1900

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