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  1. Refurbished Canon DSLR batteries are selling on eBay claiming the same performance as brand-new batteries. I took a chance and purchased one of these because it was selling for less than 1/2 the price of a brand new one. When I got it in the mail today, I immediately inserted it in my camera (Canon 6D). I went to the menu and it showed the battery was 93% charged, shutter count was at 7, but the recharge performance was red instead of green. I'm wondering if that's an issue ?
  2. Try running it down and recharging, maybe that will help. The battery may not have been used in a long time. Here is a link that may be helpful.

    I have be shooting Canon DSLRs for many years. I tried third party cheap batteries a few times, never "refurbished". But they may be legit from people returning cameras to Canon, still a used battery by any other name is a used battery. Just my opinion. I just bite the bullet and buy new genuine Canon LP-E6N batteries for $60. I don't screw around with third party anymore even though some folks claim there are some good ones.

    I paid $3400 for a new camera body and thousands on lenses, I am not suddenly going to cheap on my battery with a $25 bargain. Just my opinion.
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    Have Nikon, but have had years of good performance from these - (Canon Battery) Link Canon Camera Batteries
    Personally, can't imagine buying refurb at any price
  4. In my experience, the recharge performance indicator changes to red after some time and use. I've used batteries with a red indicator for a long time, with no problem. I assume that their total charge has deteriorated a little.

    But it's hard to understand what a refurbished battery might be. If I'm not mistaken, there are NIMH cells plus some electronics inside a sealed plastic case. Maybe there is a way to crack the case open and replace the cells. The cells deteriorate chemically over time, and the electrodes deteriorate. How would those be "refurbished?" Is someone going to crack the cell open and insert new electrodes?

    I found one listing on eBay that says "manufacturer refurbished". But Canon does not list batteries on its refurbished page.

    I'm guessing that this isn't a refurbished battery but rather a used one. Perhaps it was taken out of a refurbished camera.
  5. So far I was able to recharge the battery from 93% to 100%(without it blowing up). I took 2 shots and the charge was down to 99%. I took 10 more shots and it stayed at 99%. Time will tell how it performs ? Thanks Paddler4 for the update, since the recharge performance is still red.
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