Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f/8 lens (non-AI)

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  1. I was lucky enough to find a local seller who was selling a nice, clean Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f/8 (the 1968 to 1975 design, non AI). It was complete with case and filters, including even the nice (?) leather lens cap. However, I'm reluctant to carry the lens around with this cap since it will fall off if the lens is held vertically. I'd hate to lose it in any case, representing as it does a by-gone era of manufacture. In between uses, I'll just keep the leather cap on the lens, but I would like to find something that would fit this thing to protect it while I'm out shooting and not worrying about losing the leather cap. The outside diameter of the front of the lens is about 91mm. The inside diameter seems to be a little more than 87mm. There are no threads since 39mm filters screw into the back of the lens. I tried to see if a 86mm lens cap would work, but it is just a little too small. The cheapest 87mm lens cap I could find (at Adorama) was an Olympus cap for about $40. Frankly, I'm not even sure that the 87mm would work, and the price is a little steep for buying on speculation. Lens caps can be made by S K Grimes, but for similar costs. If anyone else has faced this and can make a suggestion, I will be grateful. I am planning to make a trip to the grocery store and other emporia to see if some kind of plastic cap for something will work as a makeshift lens protector (a coffee can lid is too large, a kitty litter cap is too small). If I find something I will post, but hoping for suggestions in the mean time. I've attached a picture taken with the lens.
  2. Current Nikon's solution to the huge lens cap problem comes in a form of a bag with drawstrings. If there's a reasonably deep lens shade on the lens in question, it should IMHO work.

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  3. I sold mine many years ago, but I believe the front thread on your Nikkor is 88mm.
  4. Try to find a dark, plastic shower cap. If the price is right, get a few. The elastic should hold for a couple of days shooting. [Not in the $40 range.......]

    Or if your wife sews, a cloth 'sock' can be made to cover the front of your lens.
  5. SCL


    I sewed a multilayer pad with a drawstring for a couple of old lenses which had the same problem as yours.
  6. Your version should have a front 88mm thread. A few telescopes (spotting) have this size at the front, find a telescope specialist shop and try on some caps?
  7. Thanks all. I think the "shower cap" solution may be the thing, although if I can find something more substantial to shield the lens from "hard knocks" it would be nice. Perhaps I can pad the front of the thing with some felt or something. I will take the darn thing to the grocery today if I can motivate myself and see if anything fits.
  8. JDM, look here: 88 mm it is.

    I'm not sure that an 88 mm screw-in cap will be easy to find. You might want to approach about a custom slip-on cap. Their caps don't fall off.
  9. I've owned two of these (sold the first for reasons that I can't remember...). Neither came with a leather lens cap but instead with one of those screw-in metal lens caps with (as mentioned above) an 88mm filter thread. They can be a pain to get on in a hurry but at least they're secure and a remnant of how things used to be made...
  10. Thanks - Dan

    I had looked at that site, but had missed the attachment size. I did go the the dollar store and the grocery, but the only lid that was even close was a Disney drink mix of some kind. I may be able to make it work, but it really doesn't fit without some modification.

    Now begins the search for an 88mm lenscap - I can tell you there aren't many 87mm ones around, so I will let everyone know if I find something.
  11. After figuring out that it is in fact about 88mm, I looked around and found something that might work at
    Adorama--a "hood hat" made of foam for $8 ( ).

    Also at a Nikonian site ( ), I found
    someone who pointed out that the lid of a "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" tub is about 88mm--actually it's
    about 90mm on the inside, but that is just close enough to fit fairly tightly. Aside from being bright yellow and
    having the name impressed on the hood, it works just fine and costs nothing if you use the margarine.

    Thanks all, very much.
  12. It ain't pretty folks, but it woiks.....
  13. As a suggestion, there are some plumbing accessories (sanitary/stormwater drainage caps) that are about that size. It might be worthwhile investigationg this at your local hardware store.
  14. JDM, another suggestion is to consider using Nikon extension tubes (PK-1, PK-2, PK-3, PN-1: non AI; or PK-11, PK-12, PK-13, PN-11: AI/AIS) for your close-up photography with your 500mm f/8.
  15. You may also want to look at OpTech Hood Hats, they do one which is 89mm which fits over the barrel end of the lens.

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