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  1. Like using natural light and reflectors to take pictures. Often have an assistant there to hold the reflector - usually my kid (deep into amateur territory here guy!) - he's very helpful and its a great way to bond as a father / son.
    However I've been doing some art nude / implied photos recently. Now I know he'd love it and it would be educational but I dont fancy taking the trip to social services and having to explain to the judge; so my usual assistant is out of the question. What I need then is a decent stand.
    Anyone recommend good manufacturers / product lines? I've got a couple of the 5 in 1 type collapsable reflectors I like but I'm happy to buy more rigid stuff if needed.
    Done a google and found nothing so I hope you dont mind me asking.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. like this?
  3. You can put any reflector holder like Howard's link on any regular lightstand. They come in all price ranges.
  4. if you dont need an 'arm', you can simply spring clamp the reflector to the top nub of a basic lightstand
  5. I like the Impact lightstand/boom reflector holder combo that B&H sells. Reasonably priced, doubles as a tall light stand, reflector holder and will even serve as a boom for light weight things such as a speedlight.
  6. Thanks guys.
  7. I also use boom arms that attach to standard light stands. Specifically, I use the Westscott Illuminator arm:
    On the other hand I always carry a number of different sizes of spring clamps, with which I can clip a reflector to just about anything.

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