Reflections from a Car Surface

Discussion in 'Abstract' started by michaellinder, Nov 9, 2021.

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  4. Self Portrait, 2012
    Monterey 12c_Cherry's Jubilee_1.jpg
  5. Not much reflection off this old Volvo.
    VolvoPatina_F1397-564 (1 of 1).jpg
  6. not much abstract in this thread :(
    026 Coche Aston Martin Reflejos NoktonSC40.jpg
  7. 20100710-L1004805.jpg
    moving camera moving car. crop only
    i suppose it depends on your definition of abstract Luis
    As with most genres I think it has very loose boundaries. I lean toward isolating and warping reality as a starting point. The more that is done, obscuring the source object, the easier it becomes to label it abstract. Here on this forum the boundaries are very loose. Few photos abstract the object beyond easy recognition. The discussion when this forum was introduced is a good example of the varied opinions of what is abstract photography. Impossible to define universally.
  8. Thanks for keeping it going Michael.
  9. reflections under the hood
    Street Machines National

    Nikon S2
  10. Modern VW Bug.
  11. From me too Michael
  12. You are most welcome. Your abstract work is always interesting - no, compelling.
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  13. As mentioned... not super abstract but in line with the thread title. Cropped image, Kodak Tri-X 400... don't recall the camera used here. EDIT: large file, hence the thumbnail. Click on it with this in mind please


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