[reference books?] Got my Arca-Swiss Field Camera and having a blast! Thanks!

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by beepy, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. [There is a question buried below - refs on view camera movement setup.]
    First. Got the Arca-Swiss 4x5 "Field" camera couple weeks ago (has the 6x9 front
    element, small collapsible monorail). Having a blast. Movements are exquisite -
    smooth, tight, easy to assemble, compact when disassembled.
    Taking pics - mom (most difficult subject), Bayonne Bridge, Delaware Water Gap,
    abandoned church. (As an aside - I doubt I will be a winter landscape photographer
    long term - California is the place for me... Running back).
    After suffering a bit with a light leaking used Hasselblad I decided to minimize my
    missteps at some expense by buying core equipment new. Arca-Swiss "field" camera,
    65, 90 and 240mm Nikon lenses. I saved the notes from responders on lens
    selections - I scoped out some used places - definitely want a longer lens, will buy
    that used.
    A question: good, clear references on using tilts, shifts etc. of view camera for say
    architectural work? The church was beautiful - I know I can do better with a firmer
    background in how to manipulate the camera to correct distortions. Any pointers
    would be great.
    So, after shooting (and still shooting) high end digital SLRs for 3+ years I have to
    confess - it still seems like magic when you get back a picture (slides - first time for
    me, always did negs before) from the shop. That it is coming out of a manual view
    and the 4x5 size you can SEE - it's a rush. Almost forget how damned cold it is
    I'm dragging this puppy into the studio and hooking up the strobes.
  2. Front tilts and swings change distribution of focus, rears tilts and swings change
    perspective rendering and distribution of focus.

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