Red x's where photos should be

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by baerbel, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. As per update, photos should now be displayed. On my bio page they are red x's
    however. On other photograper sites I see some with pics and some with x's. Is
    there still a problem which needs to be fixed by PN, or is this on my end?
  2. Your bio and portfolio look fine to me.
  3. Better, but still some X's. Click for full view on my latest picture, and you will still see an X. At least I do. But I understand they are still working on the problem. :)
  4. Make sure your images are RGB & not CMYK color profile. Your page looked fine to me.
  5. SCL


    Your shots looked fine to me, and I'm using an old pc,
  6. Same problem the other day, but this site is OK. But I can't link my shots to another forum. I tried a couple things and just get a red X. If this is a problem that's being worked on I hope it gets fixed soon.


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