Red Bull Air Race NYC 2010

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  1. I had a chance to view the trial runs for the Red Bull Air Race in NYC this past weekend. First of all, if you haven't seen an Air Race before, or aren't sure what it is, check out this video on Red Bull's site. Awesome stuff.
    All photos taken with Pentax k10D, Pentax smc M 80~200mm f/4 manual focus zoom lens, with some quick Lightroom post processing... minimal PP on most, some "creative" use of tone curves on some (you can tell which is which from the photos). Wondering which ones people like better. I kind of like the heavily processed ones, gives it an aged film look, plus puts emphasis on the airplanes, but I'm curious what people think. I did not do any other post processing beyond Lightroom, so please forgive the digital noise and other things (like overly dark piers).
    View of the course from office building 37 floors above sea level
    Plane flying through gates (PP to bring out the white smoke)
    Flight (aggressive tone curve to bring out white smoke; I admit pier is a bit too dark, would play around with it in Photoshop instead if I had more time)
    Flyby (minimal PP)
    Farewell (creative tone curve to bring out white smoke in otherwise white-smoke-on-light-gray sky photo)
    More photos at my Smugmug site. Please let me know what you think.
  2. Nice, very exciting video, too.
  3. What a wonderful series. Love the last one most. :)
  4. Second to last, with the Verrazano in the backdrop is my favorite. Good colors, nice 3D feel with the various layers throughout the scene.
    The others are a bit too hazy or soft for my taste.
    BTW, I like the dark pier and that is probably my second favorite, but I'm not a fan of the hue of the scene.
  5. The video is sick, makes me want to learn to fly even more!
  6. I like the last one, that would be really good at a large size.
  7. I've been an avid fan of these races for years and watch all of them!
  8. Nice shots! What were you shooting with, where were you? I thought it was the next week.
    I'm in Old Bridge.

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