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  2. P.S. Sorry about the caps- noticed a little late. I got nailed by somebody for that already on another post. I understand it can throw the vibe. Try too see past it. Thanks
  3. I'm afraid I haven't a clue, but hopefully you can get some answers on this forum. I think it might be a good time for someone experienced in this area to write a tutorial for
  4. One more thing, I will advise that you provide us with some ground level of your understanding, so that those who are well versed in wedding photography know where to begin if they provide you with advice or guide you to a book or website on the topic.
  5. Thanks Carl I've shot somewhere in the range of 10 weddings on my own and about five or so befor that of which werent high pressure because they were for friends and relatives who either wanted some good PJ style photos in addition to their hired pros. I've had nothing but compliments so far but know I could learn and achieve so much more with my work. I have been very seriously considering taking on weddings as a part time job for a while but dont have the confidence in my work too charge more than the $600 dollar max I charge now. I've shot mainly PJ style and love its unobtrusive feel and truth, i believe i excel at it and absolutely love hunting for that moment! but not too many people want exclusively that style but rather a good mix with traditional as well, although i dislike the stale feel(IMO) of traditional I know i must improve on it compositionally as well as technically (lighting situations).

    Wow i just realized ive rambled a little. Heres what im looking for. Something on traditional poses and compositions.
    Something that reccommends different lighting equipment setups. Although there is so much info here on what lighting systems to go with im having trouble narrowing it down. I will be using The 10d as main camera and elan7e as backup(another 10d if i keep getting the requests i am now) Have shot with sunpack4000af on the elan and a 933(older sunpack) on a slave which does ok but is too weak for larger groups. This is where i need the most help. Lighting System.

    I am leaning toward the 550s so i can take advantage of the eos's complete system. Although I will shoot weddings primarily So maybe metz or Quantum would be best?
    I believe Marc Williams had an awesome setup with his eos system that i would like to try he used the ST-e2 transmitter(?) on hotshoe with pro t bracket having the 550ex mounted along with another 550 on some type of arm that you could atually attatch to the bracket via a clamp- beautifully handy design! not too bulky, no chords in the way, capability of firing up to four 550 or 420's w/o the slaves w/c s*ck (firework display when 20 others want to get the poses you setup even after you explain what will happen if they do:(
    Anyway if you happen to know of a site that recommends dif setups for lighting in wedding situations or have personal suggestions that is what i need most now. I am going to have About $600 to spend now and then later will add on. Sorry about the length I Usually stop too short. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Learn to use Google:
  7. Scott,

    Have a look at:

    This may be a little help to get things started. I think there is more if you are willing to pay. I have not used his service he charges for, so I don't know if it worth cost.

    Good Luck.

  8. Try They have free lessons on wedding and event photography. Also try, for digital weddings and other digital shooting. Better to go to and look through and buy some of the many books on wedding photography out now. No on line site is going to systematically cover all aspects.
  9. You might try some of the very good how-to books available regarding wedding photography. You can get them from a library for no cost, or buy them at a book store or online. Call me old fashioned! (^0^)
  10. Appreciate all the help so far guys. Just hope i have luck with the lighting aspect- books ive read so far go over lighting in general, understandably, its hard to find anything on specific lighting setups e.g. brands and functionality.

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