Recommendations for tiny digital cameras?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by donald_kim_lewiston, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Hello...I need a very small digital camera that has at least 2
    megapixel resolution. I need it to be small enough to fit in my pants
    pocket. I was looking at the Sony DSC-U20 camera and was very pleased
    with the size although I don't know too much about the picture
    quality. It seemed to get pretty good reviews around the web. I used
    to own a Canon Digital Elph S200, which I loved, but that would be
    the maximum size I would want. I basically want this camera to take
    pictures of friends, put pics on the web, and maybe print out some
    4x6's. Nothing too strenuous. Don't need a zoom or movie mode.


  2. Sorry for the double post, had some browser difficulty.
  3. Pentax Optio S4, it fits in an altoids can, its 4 mega pixel and has a 3x opticial zoom
  5. Sony DSC-T1
  6. Canon Powershot SD10:
    Each review also includes real world sample images. Not the super-controlled environment images at Canon's web site. Pretty good camera and probably the one I'll buy for P&S duty (not that you would care what a stranger thinks of this camera). However, if a zoom lens is what you crave you'll have to ignore this info.

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