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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by hoang_nguyen|2, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. I have my Pentax PZ-1P mounted on a Stroboframe Pro-RL bracket with a
    handle-mount Pentax flash. The whole package is fairly tall and heavy
    and I would like to know what type of tripod you recommend for
    wedding photography that could handle my rig and yet it should be
    affordable, not too heavy and easy to set up. The tripod should have
    a quick release mechanism so that I can easily remove my rig from the
    tripod when I don't want to use it. I don't have much experience with
    tripod, and not sure whether to buy one with or without heads (what
    kind of head do you recommend?). I need some good advice from the
    professionals. Please help me. Thanks.
  2. Hi Hoang,
    please have a look at (English as well) These are excellent finished, not to heavy with very good damping characteristics. For a head it is up to your choice: Ball head (fast)or 3 way (more accurate). Novoflex makes excellent ball heads (, a good gear 3 way head is made by Manfrotto No. 410(I think they are sold under Bogen in the USA, probably with different article number - don't ask me why)
    Best regards
  3. A "Tiltall": These were manufacturered under Leitz and there was a Asian
    copy. It doesn't have any odd latches or springs or unusual shapes hanging
    off of it. It is as simple and a direct solution as you can get in tripods. They
    come in black or silver. However, it only has a 1/4" thread on top. But my
    experience with it is that you can attach your Stroboframe in about 12-15
    seconds. The 1/4" bolt is spring loaded so it practically "finds" the
    Stroboframe screw hole. I think you can find these used for about $50 on the
    auctions. "TILTALL" is the name. It already comes with a head. There are
    quick release adapters that will generically adapt your Stroboframe. Look for
    them on the auctions because i think Stroboframe, owned by Tiffen, is going
    into bankruptcy. That doesn't mean Stroboframe is disappearing.

    Other brands like Manofrotto look very good. However, their design seems to
    demand that the tripod be heavier than TILTALL. I would go with Manofrotto
    if i wanted a special tallness or heaviness for large format. The tiny problem
    with quick releases is that they make the tripod alittle heavier and the adapter
    that attaches to your Stroboframe makes your bracket heavier. I only use a
    tripod about 3 times during a wedding so a quick release is not much of a time
    saving. For the price of a head on other tripods, you can get the whole (used)
    TILTALL with head. Look for pictures of them on the auctions.
  4. The newer copy of the Tiltall is not very well made. I had one bust in half where the head connects. Unlike the original Leitz Tiltall, it was made of cheap metal. My original Tiltall is over 25 years old and still working fine. Modern Tripods are worth looking at. They often are smaller when collapsed, but still extend high enough. Many have hooks on the bottom of the center column that let you hang your gear bag from it to steady the tripod. Modern quick release legs are a nice feature for wedding photographers on the go. Check the base of your Stroboframe bracket. Many already have the Quick Release plate built in (which allows you to sit the camera down upright yet still will snap into a Stroboframe QR mounted on your Tripod head.)

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