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  1. I have a client who would like us to make her 100 albums as presents for her guests. Each album will contain 10
    spreads (20 pages). The first spread will contain an image of the specific guest. In other words, each album is

    My problem is this: I quoted them albums prices from KISS, Couture and Asuka (with our markup and time included)
    and the estimate ranged from $10,000-30,000.

    The client thought this was too expensive.

    Does anyone know of any album company, or recommendation for an album that will cost the photographer $15-20 per
    album (not counting our markup and time)?

    Any ideas on how to get the estimate down to 5K-10K, but still let us be paid for our time?

    Our time is at least 100 hours (1 hour to insert guest per book and prep file) and 20 hours (last 9 spread design)

    THANKS! I have investigated Asuka, Finao, Zookbinders, Cypress, KISS, and Couture...
  2. My thought would be to call some of the manufacturers and explain the situation and see if a break is available. You might not get good responses if you just look at prices online.

    Alternatively, millers ( makes proof books that are NOT up to the standards of asuka, but are pretty nice for the price, and they are a lot less expensive. The photo quality on individual pages isnt as good, but you can order one and see how the client likes them for not that much money and they have a really great turnaround.

    Good Luck!
  3. Making every album different is killing you. I'd try to find a way to have the album company make them all the same and you put in the image of the guest over the existing page 1. Use spray adhesive or some kind of matt.

    Then you could look at somebody like Graphistudio who have great deals on duplicate mini-books.
    It also depends on the cover treatment. You'll never get costs down to $15-$20 with anything other than making 100 of the same and you apply the single different picture...and using a soft cover or a inexpensive cloth hardbound.
  4. Thats a good idea too: If you can find an album with a self insertable cameo on the cover and keep the album the same it might help a bit. Or, an asuka book type thing with a seperate book jacket that is different on each one.
  5. What about one of the coffee table type books. Fairly inexpensive, and if you only haveto change one page, not that bad. Just make sure you charge enough to cover your time.
  6. i just checked millers pricing, and they do Companion LayFlat Books in 5x5 for $18 (20 sides). the kicker there, though, is that if you order an album and its a duplicate add on, they are $13.50.

    I betcha if you ordered 100 mostly the same ones they would give you a price break and you could be close to where you need to be.

    not sure if this link will work as I am logged in there:
  7. It may not be smart to discuss exact pricing and markup here in this forum since it is not a private forum. Let's not give away our secrets here.

    I recommend Tuscany albums.
  8. Coffee table type books are available in the 20-30 USD range (cost price) a 100 of these is up to 3000 USD without your markup, though bulk orders might generate additional discounts.

    Maybe suggest postcards/tailored card with a couple of photos. Much cheaper, and let's face it 98/100 guests won't want the album to keep.
  9. Try for coffee table books.

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