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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by jason_black, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. After the wedding, I'd like to give clients a book of all their raw images. The book would be a ~13x11 book with pages bound in the middle (not lay flat). The pages would be very similar to something you can get from Shutterfly books. All pages would have 9 photos per page with the file numbers below them. Is there a manufacturer out there that does this easily with a drag/drop system?
  2. Topflight Photo Albums

    Quality an inexpensive. $40 to hold about 400 prints. Sometimes I will buy 2 albums, the ceremony and the reception.
  3. Bob, what I'm seeing at Topflight seems to be traditional proof albums consisting of sleeve pages into which you insert 3.5x5 or 4x6 prints. Do they offer bound proof albums and proofing software the OP asked about, or just slip-in books?
  4. I've used BRI for other things, but not proof books; however, they do seem to offer what the OP is asking for: bound or wire-bound proof books of 9-up images with file names. See for example, where the book is wire-bound.
  5. ProDPI offers proofing books, multiple sizes and options for number of images per page. I've haven't ordered one, but
    have been quite satisfied with everything thing else they've printed for me.

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