Recommend me a moderate wide angle for an MPP Mk VII

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    First post here, so hi everyone, thanks for sharing your knowledge here, which I've been soaking up for months / years.

    I'm after a moderate wide angle lens, between 105 and 125mm, for use with my MPP Micro-Technical MK VII.

    I know some wider lenses aren't a great fit for use with the MPP for various reasons (i.e., limited movements due to the front standard being inside the camera body, or the rear element of the lens being too big to fit through the opening in the front standard).

    What lenses of 105 to 125 will not give me these issues?

    The lens must be multi-coated as I shoot a lot in colour and I want to maintain consistency with the two multi-coated Fujinon lenses I currently use (180mm f/5.6 and 250mm f/6.3). It must also give me a big enough image circle to use some movements, not extreme, but a bit more than moderate.

    Many thanks in advance for your help / advice.

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  2. The wideangle that was mostly used with 5x4 MPPs was the 90mm f6.8 Angulon. Not available multicoated, but contrasty enough anyway.

    I think you'll be out of luck finding a modern MC 105 to 125mm lens for this camera unless you pay well over what the camera itself is worth.

    I've used a very old 130mm Dagor on my MkVii MPP. It performed pretty well.

    I've also used a 90mm f/6.8 Grandagon on it. It's not easy to fit an 'hourglass' style lens this big, but possible. You pull the back out and keep the front standard docked in the body, while dropping the baseboard. Voila! Infinity focus no problem.

    Also a lensboard with a bullnose or recess helps a lot with fitting WA lenses to this camera.
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    Thanks Dan, that's a big help, much appreciated.
  4. Unfortunately the opening in the MPP front standard is only 70mm diameter, and the rear diameter of the f/8 105mm SW Fujinon is 75mm.

    The 125mm SW Fujinon is even bigger at 80mm diameter.

    They could possibly still be mounted, but you'd have to unscrew the rear section and re-fit it through the camera back (assuming a removable international back). I've done this with the above-mentioned 90mm Grandagon, but it's a pain.

    Alternatively, a lensboard with a bullnose capable of swallowing the lens rear section might be a possibility, but that uses up bellows extension.

    A smaller 90mm f/8 Super Angulon or SW Fujinon or Nikkor might be a better option, and would give you a true wide angle. Not just short-standard.

    The problem with getting rise/shift with short lenses on the MPP 7 is more about lack of bellows flexibility, access to controls and collision of the front standard with the body.

    A large diameter lens rear section will also collide with the bellows if much movement is applied.

    Things can be done by tilting/swinging the back and front standard in the same direction, but it takes a bit of working out.
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  5. W and NW, Joe, not SWD. Follow the link I posted, receive a little enlightenment.

  6. "It must also give me a big enough image circle to use some movements, not extreme, but a bit more than moderate."

    A 105mm Plasmat that gives more than moderate movements on 5x4?
  7. The 105/5.6 NW and CM W Fujinons aren't plasmats. CIs 162 and 174 mm respectively. Don't snipe in ignorance, read the specs. Link above still works.

    The OP has a camera with a small lens throat, has to accept what will fit.

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