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  1. Hi,
    here's a quick list i developed over the years with info i took around the web, from non scientific test i have
    done, and from my scanman experience when i scanned negs with my Imacon. Im not stating that this is THE real
    truth on how to get the same film dynamic range, but let see it as a staring point to get nice BW, when you also
    use indeed after level, curve, mask and all the other Ps tool.

    Since Ps CS3 now offer a BW tool, some people prefered to use it instead of the channel mixer for many reason..i
    like to use channel mixer personnaly.

    Your comment are always a pleasure : ) have fun. Use them with channel mixer red-green-blue. In monochrome mode.

    *IN CASE OF* I know that those number are not taking care of the water temperature, the bacterie in the water,
    the chemical, the plastic and the planet alignement..they are provide as a starter point to get pleasing BW, or i
    must say to *simulate* a BW look on a digital file. I know before someone fanatic pop's in that digital BW is not
    the same as tradional BW.

    Those number are simple there to HELP achieve a starting look, you should forget about teh kind of film they
    *mimic* just use them as a simple reference only.

    For those of you that like the BW tool in CS3, i have developed some preset that worked well for me, feel free to
    send me a email to get them.

    Agfa 200X: 18,41,41

    Agfapan 25: 25,39,36

    Agfapan 100: 21,40,39

    Agfapan 400: 20,41,39

    Ilford Delta 100: 21,42,37

    Ilford Delta 400: 22,42,36

    Ilford Delta 400 Pro & 3200: 31,36,33

    Ilford FP4: 28,41,31

    Ilford HP5: 23,37,40

    Ilford Pan F: 33,36,31

    Ilford SFX: 36,31,33

    Ilford XP2 Super: 21,42,37

    Kodak Tmax 100: 24,37,39

    Kodak Tmax 400: 27,36,37

    Kodak Tri-X: 25,35,40

    And these basic ones:

    Normal Contrast: 43,33,30

    High Contrast: 40,34,60

    and at last a generic BW:




  2. very generous of you, Patrick. Cheers.
  3. awesome... this is so helpful patrick. thanks much!
  4. Patrick.Your posts always put a smile on my face. : )
  5. nrb


    Thank you, Patrick.
  6. I still use channel mixer, too. It has enough control that I always go back to it after trying the new B&W tool.

    That being said, I gave up on digital b&w and went back to film. ;-) I spent 4 hours in a rental darkroom last night and even with my absolutely crappy skills in traditional printing am thrilled with the results compared to my years of trying to get a nice digital b&w print.

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