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Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I am an "analogue Minox camera fan" but lately I am thinking about purchasing a Leica miniature digital camera
    made by Minox because they look so cute.

    But as Martin Tai mentioned and others might have experienced, it uses a CR2 battery and the battery life for a
    CR2 Battery is pretty short if you use with this camera. : ) And in my personal view, using disposable battery
    for digital camera is not the best idea in the world. Minox should face the reality!

    Anyway I have found a rechargeable battery and the charging unit on the internet,

    But although it says that it can be used in cameras, I cannot be sure if I can use it with the Leica Minox and
    other digital cameras. the cell is 3.6V !

    Anyone ever heard about these rechargeable batteries?

  2. ginon, It appears that Juice CR2 is the only rechargeable CR2 battery on the market. I do use it in my Rolleiflex minidigi. Even thought the voltage of this rechargeble is 3.6 v , higher than the 3v of CR2, the picture seems ok [​IMG]
    However, there is always a risk using a non specified battery in a camera. For example, I decided to take a risk and used it only in my minidigi. As for the Minox DDC Leica M3, which I bought with leather case, and the cost of that set is nearly twice I paid for minigi, I use only regular CR2 in it. you have to made your own decision. [​IMG]
    Taken with Rolleiflex minidigi, with rechargeable CR2
  3. Thank you for the reply Martin. OK. I am going to try one of these Juice cells for a second hand Minidigi when I get one at my own risk. i just hope it's not gonna burn the circuit.
  4. Checking minidigi on ebay, there is only one 3mp version, listed for $349, minidigi is getting expensive.

    I have stop using it long time ago, and keep it as collector item.

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