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  1. Hello,
    I have a Canon 50d with a 580ex speedlite flash. I use a Canon cp-e4 compact battery pack. I've been using energizer alkaline batteries. I want to go to rechargable batteries. Any recommendations on rechargable batteries and a charger? I shoot dirt track racing so I need a fast recycle.
    Scott from PA
  2. thomas-distributing
    eneloop or powerex low-discharge NiMH batteries
  3. Buy an additional battery tray from Canon. I use two with my CP-E3 and I have used Panasonic, Energizer and Ray-O-Vac NiMH rechargeable AA cells.
    I purchased an 8 position charger and I recharge the se that I just shot with, I put the spare in the CP-E3 and keep rotating the packs this way.
    I really like the Panasonic cells, I bought 2 assortments about 4 or 5 years ago at Costco and I'm still using them! My local Costco hasn't carried them for a while. :-(
    I next bought 8 pack Energizers for about $20, I've retired most of them since they do not hold a charge as well now.
    I purchased an 8 pack of Ray-O-Vac NiMH for $10 at Walmart! So far they have worked well.
    Bottom line is most NiMH AA cells will do the job, much better than alkaline cells.
  4. I also vote for enloops. the slow discharge batteries will hold their charge for a month so when you forget to charge a battery set they will most likely still be good to use. I'm slowly replacing all my rechargables with long-life slow discharge batteries like the enloops.
  5. A key decision point is whether you want high-capacity batteries like the 2700 mAH Powerex, slow discharge batteries like the 2000 mAH Eneloops, or something in-between like Energizer or Duracell. I use my flash every weekend so personally I use a mix of Powerex (main duty) and Energizers (backups).
    I use the Maha Powerex MH-C9000. It's not the cheapest charger, but it's got some great features that will save you money and headaches. For example, you can adjust how fast the batteries charge (fast when you need 'em or slow to preserve battery life), the batteries are well-spaced (again, to preserve battery life), and it has a mode to resurrect old batteries. It can also tell you how much juice is left in a battery.
    NiMH recycles much faster than Alkelines, so you're making a good choice switching!
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    A key decision point is whether you want high-power batteries like the 2700 mAH Powerex​
    The mAH rating is a capacity rating, not a power rating.
  7. I also recommend the slow discharge batteries. They work great in my flashes. Here is more info:
  8. I've used energizer NiMH rechargeables (2500mAh) with an Energizer charger for just over 2 years. that's how long they've served me without need for replacement. I recently bought Duracell 2650mAh ones as the Energizers have finally run out of juice. We'll see how long those last...
  9. I'm a great fan of the panasonics. I bought two sets of 2100mAh panasonics for my Coolpix 700 in 2002. They still do a fine job of powering my 550EX.
  10. If using rechargeable alkaline make sure you get 1.5V and not 1.2V. 1.5X4=6V 1.2X4=4.8V

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