Recent posting of Beutler reconnect people after 44 years.

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by lesged, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Recently I posted information re Beutler formula telling who introduced me to the then ground breaking combination of Beutler developer (~Neofin Blue) with 35mm slow film. I wrote it was a German woman photographer living in Florence, Italy, named Helga. She specialized in outdoor portraits of children. Last week a photographer from New Mexico wrote an email saying he's sure he made 30x40" murals from the same Helga's KB-14 negatives in 1962. Turns out the N.M. photographer was an old friend of Helga's husband and put me in contact with him. Unfortunately Helga, died 30 years ago. I had taken photos of Helga and her daughter and she did the same for my family. I found the negatives she gave me of her shoot. My Ferrania accordion folder marked "Helga and daughter" is missing my 3 strips of 6 exposures of Helga and daughter. We must have swapped our negatives. Helga was my mentor. Her outstanding work influenced me to switch to slow film souped in a compensating developer. I used that combination for many years and only recently started to use Efke KB25 with home- made Beutler. I found a small print of Helga from my shoot. Naturally, it was printed when I still had the errant negatives. Per data on back of folder the film was Agfa ISS developed in Agfa Final. Anyone have a similar story?

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