Recent or favorite FD shots...If you've got one, post it!

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  1. Hot on the heels of the earlier discussion regarding the absence (relative to other forums) of posted shots, I thought I'd kick off a thread to allow us to show off any of our FD work. Usually I'd post these in the Classic Manual Camera forum (a couple will still make it to that forum as well), but I thought I'd start in the FD forum since I used my trusty F-1 and a newly acquired 35-105 FDn lens. These were a few shots taken in Chicago last weekend using the aforementioned set-up, and I have to say that I really like this lens. Typically I use primes with the F-1 but this zoom will probably get a lot of playing time. I'm also always impressed by the F-1 itself; it would be difficult to distinguish a lot of the shots I took with it from those taken by my 1v. These shots were taken in Millenium Park in downtown Chicago and along Michigan Avenue.
  2. Shot the park at the amphitheater
  3. If you've got some shots, share them! I'm looking forward to seeing what others have done with their FD gear.
  4. I suppose I'll post a couple from my beloved A-1. JR
  5. A1, 70-200mm f/4, Elite Chrome 100 xpro<BR><img src="[​IMG]">
  6. Una mas. The above photo was taken using my 20mm f/2.8. The below photo was taken with my 100mm f/2.8. JR
  7. And here it is. I was just teasing before. JR
  8. [​IMG]
    Shot of the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim camera shot in tungsten lighting using my Canon FTb
    / 50mm ssc lens and Fujicolor Supera 200 color print film.
  9. Color me there! Thanks for starting this thread, Andy. These are from Sunday's nature walk with my nFD 80-200mm f/4 L zoom.
  10. Bambi and her brother Bambo
  11. Taken last weekend...
  12. Recent pics from a Maui vacation. I really like the FD 80-200L.
    Canon A1 + FD 80-200L
    Canon A1 + FD 80-200L
  13. Although I posted some URLs to some recent shots in my response to the "Earliest Canon Shots" here's a couple of favorites that are recent and local to my new home in Hampton Roads, VA. Equipment is listed. Film is Velvia 100 processed at The Slide Printer.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. I'm sorry I can never get images to post here. I'm a computer maladroit I think! Heres two urls.
    Don B in Hampton Roads
  15. All these shots are very good. I think this is a great way to enjoy our forum. Louis, A Bambi and Bambo, who knew?
  16. I took this one this morning. I found this monster beetle while I was walking through a cemetery near Tokyo. I tried to get him to pose for me, but he wouldn't stay still. I shot the pic with my F1 using a 50 3.5 macro lens.
  17. Oh Yes, Sweet Home Chicago : )
    Canon F-1, 28mm f/2.8 Canon FD, Tri-X
    I'm sure you can figure where that was taken, Andy...
  18. Here's another of my shots from Millennium Park.. I believe this was also on the 28mm lens, although it might have been the 50mm f/1.4. I like the composition, but I could have executed it better.. the top of the Standard Oil building being chopped off is really annoying me...Although nothing in this scene is going anywhere (i really hope... minus the clouds) so I guess I'll just go back and re-shoot.
  19. I bet Don knows where this cute house is.
    Taken June 2009,
  20. Excellent pictures, every one of them! Keep 'em coming by all means. Michael O--I took those same shots but chose to post different ones. Yours are superb. That whole area is fun to wander around and photograph. What a lot of fun! It's great to see more of everyone's work.
  21. Jeff, Yikes! What a bug! It looks like he's trying to dislodge your cap to do his worst to your glass with that massive claw!
  22. Jeff, From my time in Japan many moons ago is that thing called a Kabuto Beetle? I seem to recall the claws and antennae in front resemble a helmut once worn by the Samurai, hence the name. I remember seeing young Japanese children making pets of these things and letting them crawl up and down their arms. Shudder! And yes Tim, I know exactly where that house is in Blowing Rock. My shot of it is one of Toki's favorites. Take a look at my Flickr photostream and see Toki sitting at the summit of Sharp Top. That was before we hiked off that sucker. My legs are just know getting back to normal. Getting old is not for sissies. Nice to see all the posts. Bring on more!
    Don B in Hampton Roads
  23. I took this one a few weeks ago
  24. This is my first post to a forum, but I thought I'd just say I'm having a lot of fun shooting with a Canon EF and a couple lenses I inherited from my dad (along with a recent Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm I picked up). I've learned alot about these classic Canon cameras thanks to you all - so thanks a bunch. I post a picture a couple days a week to a photoblog here: and recently those shots have mostly been from the Canon EF.
  25. Seth, Are you sure the lens hood you're using is the right one for your Vivitar. I bet the hood is doing the vignetting on your Dolphin pic. Also here's a way of determining which lens manufacturer made your Vivitar lens.
    Don B in Hampton Roads
  26. Seth, Are you sure the lens hood you're using is the right one for your Vivitar. I bet the hood is doing the vignetting on your Dolphin pic. Also here's a way of determining which lens manufacturer made your Vivitar lens.
    Don B in Hampton Roads
  27. Don,
    I checked the serial number of the lens and it looks like its made by Komine. I also don't actually have a lens hood on this lens, so all the vignetting must be from the lens itself. I was pretty disappointed with the lens to be honest and just figured there must be something wrong with it. I only see that vignetting at the 28mm end, so I end up just using it a little bit more zoomed in most of the time.
    Thanks for taking a minute to look through some of my photos.
  28. Great photoblog, Seth.
  29. Snake - and the thickness of the enclosure glass is as close as I EVAH wanna get to these things.
    (Available light only in this one.)
  30. Oh man, that's creepy. I don't do snakes very well, but that's a nice shot Phyliss.
  31. Thanks! I really wanted to get the lower curve of his body in the frame, but it was below the edge of his "environment" and would've included the outside wall so it wouldn't have been visible anyway.
    I guess he made up for it "smiling" directly at the camera.
  32. Hey I cant believe I missed two days of fun! We've actually had two or three FD picture posts over the past month though, so dont underestimate our collective urge to upload Andy. Let's see if this one will make it past the size limits on uploads...
  33. By the way Luis, isn't Bambi's brother called Bamboo? ;-D
    Here's another shot with the same setup that was given a rather strange color treatment by VueScan on my FS4000 scanner, for some reason negatives exposed to brighter light on the same roll tend to come out too grainy and oversaturated.
  34. I got this one yesterday. It's nothing special, but it was my first shot using IR film. I still haven't figured out the best way to expose it, and I pretty much guessed on the development time. The scan quality is poor as my good scanner is busted, and I'm stuck using the old one I bought from a thrift store for $1. The picture was shot with my F-1, using a 24mm 2.8 FD lens on Rollei IR 400 film.
  35. Re-discovering my FD gear after switching to rangefinders for a few years. It is nice to be able to check depth of field and frame accurately again.
    Kuala Lumpur car park. Canon F-1N, FD 35/2.8 tilt&shift, Provia 100F.
  36. [​IMG]
    Canon F1, Chrome Nose 50mm f/1.4, Kodak TMax P3200 EI1600
    Canon F1, Chrome Nose 50mm f/1.4, Kodak TMax P3200 EI1600
  37. Paul --Those are really nice shots, especially the 2nd one. I love the color and the detail in the trees. Were both shot with the Vivitar? If so, that lens is a great performer.
    E.L. --That's a cool shot; it almost looks like a diorama except that all of the detail is obviously quite real. Very nice!
    Cesar --Outstanding b&w shots! Such rich tones and beautiful grain. I love these!
  38. My first post on
  39. Welcome, James! Cool shot--what camera and lens combo did you use? Hope to see you post a lot more.
  40. Thanks for the welcome Andy. I hope to post more often as well.
    The chicken is an old pic. A-1 with 50mm (1.8) if I recall; tri-x. It's a scanned negative and I'm not sure what's going on with the color. I'm still new at scanning negs and haven't played around enough with my scanner settings to figure out what's going on.
  41. This is from October of last year. Canon T90 and 24mm f/2.0 lens. Velvia 50.
  42. Jeff, love that Crystal Mill shot! Interesting subject, great composition and colours.
  43. Jeff, Great shot of the mill.
  44. This is a test. This is one of Don Boyd wonderful FD shots. I am working with Don offline so he can post images in-line here.
    Don- I've back stepped through your scanning process. The scans look great, I'll get back to you offline with some workflow ideas.
  45. Nice shot of that mill Jeff; hopefully it's still standing! Do you know if it's classified as a historic structure or something?
    Another one from me - scanned negative, still trying to figure out settings.
  46. Thanks for the nice compliments! :) James, I believe the structure is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  47. Prolly one of my favorite and most current would be this one


    Taken with Canon macro FD 100mm on Canon EF, ASA 400 (uncropped full frame)
    See it at 1024px × 673px at
  48. Here is an oldie but hopefully a goody. It was shot at the 1984 Olympics with my A-1 and probably my 35-105. I had pretty good seats that day.
  49. Dang Marc, great action, pic!
  50. Here is my first try at a long exposure. July 4th at the nearby park, Kodak Ektar 100 f16 at about 8 seconds.
  51. Wow, Tom ! That's a great shot. I love the subtle light on the tops of the vehicles too. All of these pictures are very nice. James , that's a really cool composition and a great capture of the coins in midair. Marc , awesome action picture! Jeff , that shot of the mill is simply gorgeous, just outstanding! The color, detail, and composition are all perfect. Louis , your work (even your test shots) is always impressive no matter what you shoot with. Jay , while it's a sad subject, you really captured the detail in the bird's feathers exquisitely. Beautiful work everyone!
  52. Here is another shot with the same film but with the EF and 35-105 f/3.5 lens.
  53. Louis, Thanks a bunch! I'm glad for the help.
  54. Good stuff guys! Marc, that pic is awesome! I imagine it in an old issue of Time Magazine or something. And Tom, the fireworks pic reminds me of Happy Days.
    Scanned print this time from me:[​IMG]
    A-1, 28mm/2.8
  55. That's an awsome shot James, especially for a scanned print. It almost looks as if you were laying on your back. It's kind of funny (at least to me) that I went to the park on the 4th with about 14 shots left on a roll thinking that would be plenty, surely I wouldn't want to take any more than that. I used those up in the first 5 minutes and sat there watching the next hour of the show with no film.
  56. Canon F-1, Chrome Nose 50mm f/1.4, Fuji Pro 160S (Both Photos)
  57. Very nice, Cesar. I really love the richness of the colors.
  58. [​IMG]
    Camel traders taking a break on route to the market. Rajasthan 2008. Canon F-1N, FDn 20/2.8, Fuji Superia 400.
  59. Togane City, Japan, taken last Thursday with my Canon F1 and a 55 1.2 lens
  60. Nice E.L.! Wonderful composition and subjects.
    Jeff, Nice abstract feel to that image.
    WOW! 60 replies to this thread. It's the most I've seen in this forum.
  61. I'm hoping to have a couple more to post shortly. I just bought a Kiron/Vivitar 70-150mm macro MC and a Soligor 28-80mm macro MC C/D I've read great things about so am anxious to try them out as soon as they arrive early next week.
  62. Really nice shots Cesar, love the composition.
  63. Very nice abstract, Jeff . E.L. --that shot looks like a very authentic shot straight out of National Geographic!
  64. Very inspiring stuff guys.
    A few more scans from me:
    A KindOfBlue and KindOfAmber. Both A-1, 50mm with cheapo macro lens attachment.
  65. Cool shots, James, especially the "KindOfAmber".
  66. canon FT QL with FL 55/1.2
  67. Ooohhh, nice colors and great composition! I may have to think about finding an FL 55/ looks awfully sharp.
  68. [​IMG]
    Canon F-1, Chrome Nose 24mm f/2.8, Fuji Velvia 50
  69. What a wonderful idea and thread....Here are some of my latest FD captures on my AE-1
  70. Awesome series of pictures, Javier. Is this a re-enactment event and if so, where was it?
  71. Thanks Andy. It was at the MacArthur Museum in San Pedro Calif. It was a blast!
  72. Very nice, Marie. What camera and lens, if you don't mind my asking?
  73. Here is one more with the EF and 35-105 f/3.5 and Fuji Across 100
  74. Marie: Aaahh! Pictures of grass. You're a photographer after my own heart. There is great beauty in those reeds.
  75. Outside Tortilla Flat, AZ. A1, 200mm Mushroom w/2x.
  76. [​IMG]
    OK, this is my first upoaded picture: shot with Kodak 800, probably at 35mm with a Canon 20-35mm zoom. Large floor to ceiling south-facing window to their left. A squirrel has their attention; the only way they would sty still long enough for the shot.
  77. Very nice, James. They're beautiful dogs! It's probably a good thing for the squirrel that they were both inside.
    Here's another shot I took a few days ago while just walking around outside...this was with the F1 and the FDn 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5
  78. New lens. LOVE it!
  79. Playing with the macro on the 70-150. Still much to learn...
  80. Very nice, Phyliss. Congrats on the new lens.
  81. Nice guys! Great to see 35-105mm lens pics here - easily my favorite lens ever since I got my F1 and it rarely comes off it!
  82. This is the leader of a Chinese folk band called Hanggai (they're quite good). I took it at an Earth Day special taping by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co, the state radio/TV chain).
  83. Canon FD 85mm soft focus
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  84. Wow, Mihail...that's a beautiful photo, very nicely executed.
  85. A new one from me
    Taken (Handheld) with Canon Macro FD 100mm on Canon EF, ASA 800

    See it at 1024px × 666px at:
  86. A new one from me
    Taken (Handheld) with Canon Macro FD 100mm on Canon EF, ASA 800

    See it at 1024px × 666px at:
  87. A new one from me
    Taken (Handheld) with Canon Macro FD 100mm on Canon EF, ASA 800

    See it at 1024px × 666px at:

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