Rebel XT - Auto Power Off Failure - Bug?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by john_mccormack, May 4, 2005.

  1. The 350D/XT is my fourth Canon digicam, but I'm puzzled by the Auto
    Power-Off feature on the 350D/XT, which seems to have a bug. Auto
    power-off only works in the Default "one minute" selection. I've tried
    all the other settings and none of them powers off the camera after
    the selected time. I've tried changing the Review time also, but no
    luck. Anyone have/had this problem? Waiting for a response from Canon

    - John McCormack
  2. I have the XT and have experienced the same problem. Setting the power off to 2 minutes (haven't tried the higher settings) doesn't work, and then checking the settings it's reverted to 'None'. I haven't had any problems with the review time options.
  3. Update: I just received an e-mail from Canon Tech. Support. They said the Auto Power Off bug is known to Canon and they are working on a firmware upgrade/fix for it.

    Now all I need is a new computer that will handle the software that came with my XT; I'm still running WIN 98 :)
  4. John, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one lacking XP. I've been pouring over webpages preparing to upgrade my machine to XP, but that involves flashing BIOS. EEEK! Also looking at new computers, but that sure adds expense to new camera. Would love to get a Fujitsu Notebook. Anyway, my XT just arrived and I haven't even unpacked it yet so know nothing about the software. I had read that it would work on ME (which is what I have). If not, I have found a software package (does RAW conversions) that works on 98/ME. It's called Breezebrowser. You can find them at Good luck with your old system. Mine works great except for lack of XP!
    Chris P.
  5. Chris,

    The XT software brochure says you can load everything under Win ME. Don't hesitate to call Canon if you have problems; I've found their tech. support pretty helpful. I'll check out Breezebrowser. Thanks.
  6. I too have the power off problem, but never got a satisfactory reply from Canon - thanks for the info.
    You can 'fix' the power off problem by removing the main battery and the button cell and replacing them, I find all power off times will then work again... until the next time you remove and replace the main battery, when the fault returns.

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