Rebel T2 or Elan 7 ... ?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by grant h, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Assuming your choices are down to the T2 and Elan 7, which do you go
    with? The only realy advantages of the Elan 7 that I observe are
    the mirror lock-up, 4 fps, and 13 custom functions. The T2 comes in
    at about 8oz (~200g) lighter and has shake warning, and otherwise
    matches up pretty well with the Elan 7. The only down side of the
    Elan 7 is the year 2000 release date.

    It looks like KEH has NEW T2 bodies for $189 and 90-96% condition
    Elan 7 bodies for $149.

    I have tried to research this comparison, but all of the old posts
    compare the T2 and 7N or Ti and 7. I am wanting the new Rebel T2 vs
    the old Elan 7 debated.

    I will be buying the camera for my brother's college graduation
    present. It will be his first SLR and he plans to shoot travel and
    hobby photography (architecture, landscapes, star trails).

  2. He may want the mirror lock-up if he's doing long exposures such as star trail shots like you mentioned. It does help.

  3. I'm afraid the Elan 7 and 7N are essentially the same camera (I have both). There is no
    humanly perceivable diiference in flash, AF or meter performance between the two. My 7N
    is made in Taiwan and is a little looser in build quality from my Janpan made 7 but they
    work equally
    well. The only small feature I prefer in the 7N is the illuminated LCD screen.

    I find the main advantages of both Elan 7 over the Rebel is the QCD--much easier to use
    in M mode or with EC--build in flash EC and better hand-feel. The Rebel is too small for
    many men to use for extended periods--pinky hangs off the end and the r-hand finger
    hits the lens barrel.
  4. I vote for Elan 7 body. I just picked one from eBay for $139. It makes my black rebel xt like a toy. T2 is worse. Between rebel xt and 20D, I had to take rebel because of $500 difference. Some people may consider how their gear look like in addition of functions.
  5. I have owned both and I have to vote for the Elan 7. It is a more robust camera. it feeds my bulk loaded cassettes while the T2 will not. the difference in weight is not substantial and my elan feels light compared to my 20d. i have been very happy with the elan though you may want to look at a eos 1n or so. I recently got that and have to say its a great camera.

    but the elan feels like a real camera, the t2 feels like a toy and while its metering is great I still like the elan in my hands.
  6. my 4 year old elan 7 is still going strong...
  7. Another vote for the 7. It is a highly regarded camera in this forum, especially considering the price.

    One of the main reasons I upgraded from my old Rebel 2000 was the feel. Like mentioned above, the rebel bodies feel like toys, whereas the elans feel a bit more sturdy. I have never handled a T2, I might add, but I assume that it is similar in feel to the 2000, although I realize they are shaped differently.

    The QCD, cursor buttons, faster frame rate, MLU, rear curtain sync, leader-out, and adjustable film rewind speed, have helped me never regret my switch from the rebel.

    Good luck,

  8. I tried holding several Rebels and they were - all - too small for me and thus not comfortable. The Elans feel much better. I owned the original Elan (100) and still one the 30 (7e).

    Happy shooting,
  9. Mirror lockup will make no difference to star trail photos at all - though a good tripod is essential. However, both cameras consume battery power holding the mirror out of the way during time exposures.
  10. I vote for the new T2. I've never bought a used camera but I have bought a couple of used flashes, and I had problems. I have an Elan 7N and a Rebel TI. Both are great. The T2 will do all that a new user will demand, and in the long run he will probably go for a digital body if he gets serious.
  11. "I've never bought a used camera but I have bought a couple of used flashes, and I had

    I have so far bought the following used and never had any problems (either from ebay or
    shops): Elan 7, Rebel 2000, 28/2.8, 28/1.8, Tamron 90/2.8, 135/2.8, 50/1.8, 50/1.8 II,
    80-200/4.5-5.6, 75-300/4-5.6, 28-90/4-5.6. So I don't think that buying used is a
  12. I am concerned with using the basic 50mm F1.8 II with the Elan 7. I have read that it is not a good lens for the Elan 7 since it is not a USM lens. Is this true?

    After much research on this forum, I have also considered buying him a classic Nikon FM2n, which he has showed interest in.

    However, I like the growth ability of the EOS system incase he wants to go digital in the future.

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