Rear Flash Sync with RZ Pro II

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by allan_schoening, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,
    Is there a way do to a rear shutter sync with a Mamiya RZ Pro II? If so, how? Thank you for your time
  2. What are you trying to do?
    These lens sync with flash at all shutter speeds.
    It's not a focal plane shutter.
  3. It cannot be done as physically there are no shutter curtains in the camera body for you to sync to! The lenses have leaf
    shutters and the sync signal happens when tje shutter iris reaches the fully open position.

    But with a longish exposure there is a way to delay the timing of the sync pulse to emulate rear curtain sync. . You will
    need a Pocketwizard MultiMAX or MultiMAX V2. These radio triggers have a sync timing option that is easily user
    programmable, no computer needed. If the shutterspeed is long enogh you can delay the sync to even fire somewhere in
    the middle of the exposure.

    You will have to experiment to find the delay setting you desire for different shutterspeeds.

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