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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick waller, May 28, 2008.

  1. Those of you have have used RRS gear already know that its products are
    superb. Let me share a recent experience that adds another dimension to dealing
    with those folks.

    I recently purchased a RRS replacement clamp for my trusty Arca Swiss B-1 head
    and RRS inadvertenly included the wrong bolt to attach its clamp to my head. I
    know this sounds like anything but a compliment, but please read on.

    I tried mounting the clamp to my head with the wrong bolt and stripped the threads
    on the B-1. I emailed Joe at RRS and mentioned what happened. He replied
    immediately, taking responsibility and offered to reimburse me for the costs to
    repair the head.

    No ifs and or buts, no attempt to shift the responsibility to me and no questioning
    of the facts. Only a quick reply that he would have it taken care of. This is the
    kind of customer service one can only dream about.

    Sure the RRS products are expensive, but when you take into consideration that
    the gear is top of the line, lasts a lifetime and that the owner will back his product
    up with this kind of customer care, it is actually a bargain.
  2. Both RRS and Kirk make great products and this is the kind of customer service that breeds customer loyalty.

    It's expensive gear but I've never regretted the money I've spent on it.
  3. Excellent! Its so nice to hear about good experiences. Well at least it was a good ending.
  4. These guys at Precision Camera Work repair the Arca B1. They did a complete CLA for my frozen B1 head for $68 plus return shipping.

    Precision Camera Work
    7064 W. Main Street
    Niles, IL 60714
  5. "This is the kind of customer service one can only dream about."

    This is refreshing to hear. He's probably "old school" as this used to be the norm in customer service up until...the early 80's. Thanks for letting us know as this only instills confidence and makes them the first to consider in this otherwise "pass the buck" disposable age.
  6. That's a great story about a great company, and they deserve the shout-out.

    May I suggest that you offer to cover 1/2 the B1 repair cost, since it must have been
    kind of obvious that the force needed to strip the threads was out of the ordinary?
  7. "it must have been kind of obvious that the force needed to strip the threads was out of the ordinary?"

    Actually the ball is made of aluminum which is a soft metal and the bolt is driven with an allen wrench that is designed to apply a great deal of torque. There was no extraordinary force required to strip the threads in an aluminum female.
  8. the more you pay, the better product/service you get. Same as you buy first class ticket, no waiting in line, you can have meals anytime you want, cancel ticket last min ...etc etc. It's only 3-5x times more than economy class ticket. You want better service, pay more, a lot more.

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