Real-life uses of USB cable (UC-E22) with D850

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tropdude, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. What are the real-life uses, potentials of the supplied Nikon UC-E22 USB cable with D850? I have been dragging around one such cable on my travels (2-8 weeks), but never needed and it is heavy. Before I permanently leave at home, I would like to know what opportunities I may miss out if not having one at hand. (Both photo and video functions)
  2. The UC-E22 USB cable connects your D850 to the computer, for the purpose of transferring files to/from your computer. I believe most people don't bother to use it. Mine is normally and permanently left at home in the protective sheath that it comes with.

    It's much better to use a USB card reader to transfer files from camera to computer. It's lighter and safer. Safer because one does not need to worry about the probability of losing/corrupting some images in the event the camera battery conks out when the files are being transferred.
  3. The provided UC-E22 USB 3.0 cable is a bit short, but it can be used for 'wired' tethering.

    It's Out-of-Stock at Nikon UK! They can't sell many anyway,

    Trying to sell a £6 cable for £25 is just stupid. Welcome to the Wacky World on Nikon pricing...:(
  4. But don´t underestimate it, it´s fast, I tried it with my cardreader and it transfers about 15MB/s more than the cable supplied with the reader.^^
  5. Whats the hurry...
  6. Using the cable you do not even have time to make a fresh cup of coffee - I have never used any of the cables supplied by Nikon
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  7. my cardreader writes about 135 MB/s with the supplied cable and 150 MB/s with Nikon´s, maybe more to faster HD or SSD, just wanted to mention that there are differences in USB cables, regardless of naming 3.0 or 3.1 or whatever.^^
  8. I did not mentioned, why I do not use cable from camera house to computer. When you empty your card(s) daily using cable, you will likely have to change the rubber door every 2nd month, as it then does not fit and protect against rain and dust any longer.
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    Never had a card reader - my computer has an sdhc slot, and I have two cables for most commonly used cameras plugged in all the time, When I use one of my less favorite cameras easy enough to switch cords.. Works for me, and never as yet compromised a Nikon plug cover.
  10. When traveling I generally throw in the cable as a safety backup because it can work with any computer in a pinch.
  11. I am living with about 30-35 degree C 9-10 months a year except now, where we have an extreme cold winter at 20 degree C and that is very likely the reason, that the plug covers do not keep their shape. The speed of a card reader is irrelevant for me as an amateur, as I have not yet exceeded 2,000 pictures/day.
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  12. I think Mary Doo has the "most" of its use. There are reasons to use the USB cable, but ....

  13. rgs


    As already mentioned, it allows tethered shooting in a studio set-up (or elsewhere). Since the UC-E22 cable alone is too short for this purpose, I attach it to a powered USB cable first.

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