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  1. France-Paris-Tuileries-a.jpg
    Tuileries - dimanche matin
  2. The Lichfield Gospels, 8th Century...............Pre Kindle edition.
    LichfieldGospels_F3372-592 (1 of 1).jpg
  3. 016a Chico Libro Sentado Leyendo NAF70-210.jpg Nikon N90S. Nikkor AF-D 70-210. Fuji Superia X 400 desaturated with PS
  4. Wonders---paper books that you hold in your hot little hands and look forward to turning the page,
    with expectations of what you will find on the next page.
  5. For the bathroom, paper reading material is definitely the way to go.
  6. I thought the stained glass windows added a nice touch of light.


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