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  1. A few months ago (actually december 2011) I received notification Readers Digest's publication "Our Canada magazine" will be publishing a photo of mine in their annual 2013 Calender... nice... then an email a couple months ago 2 more photos will be in a 160 page hardcover book A Country for All Seasons featuring images from all across Canada.
    Today the cheque arrived in the mail. The book will be out in November of this year and the calendar probably sooner... has helped me a lot to progress from just an energetic amateur who loves photography to one who learned how to shine, polish and present my images in a better light, pun intended.
    Photography will never be a profession for me, but it's nice to see the nature I love to explore and capture with my simple Point and Shoot camera recognized by some others as worthy of publication. A bit of money is always an added bonus! The geese shot (attched) looks like it will be a full page spread titled Winter.
  2. This shot is the geese that will be in the 2013 Our Canada calendar
  3. Congratulations! Wow, it looks cold there.
  4. Congratulations!
    Nice shots!
  5. Wish we could get all the non-migatory ones around Boston to fly up there where they belong! They look like they belong there, they definitely don't belong here. Lovely pictures.
  6. Congratulations! Yes, as mentioned, it does look very cold.

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