Re: Titanium lenses. Does a smaller quantity mean better quality?

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  1. When I bought my M6 titanium from a friend a couple of months ago, it was because of the great price and mint condition, not the finish (although I think it's pretty). I have been using his black 50mm f1.4 Summilux but now it is time to buy my own lenses. I know that this is not (thank God) a forum for Leica collectors and their "collector" reasons for buying anything, but I have to admit, I have developed a liking for all things titanium. I have a handle on a 35 ASPH, 50 and 90 in the big "T" and was wondering about quality. IF these lenses were made in much smaller quantities than the Black (or even Chrome), were they made with perhaps a touch more care? I am actually going to shoot with them, not look at them on a shelf. They cost a LOT more than the regular lenses (now), so I am wondering if it is worth it, not just for possible resale, but for shooting. Any one have a comment? Also, does anyone know the exact quantites made of the four choices (35mm, 35mm ASHP, 50 & 90)? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Steve,


    I have never heard a peep to the effect that those nicely finished
    titanium lenses are superior to the regular already extremely nice
    lenses in any way. I guess they are a few grams lighter, but in fact
    you are paying the extra price for the exclusiveness and smaller
    production runs. Titanium sure is a nice looking material though.
  3. I think that the titanium is a surface coating only; the barrels must
    be brass like those of the chrome lenses as the weights are the
    same for titanium and silver chrome lenses. They look nice,
  4. Yes it is a coating that is "splattered" on to brass. It is said to be
    more scratch resistant than the black or silver finishes. As the
    base material is brass this means it is one of the few modern
    cameras that can be refinished in black paint. My only objection
    to the camera is the special leather with warts. Fortunately this
    can be easily replaced with the standard M6 covering. Some
    people also find that the titanium finished shutter speed dial is
    difficult to read in low light, again, you can substitute the
    standard M6 black dial easily. There is no quality difference
    between the various lens finishes but there is significant weight
    (and cost) savings in staying with the standard black lenses. You
    could almost buy four black lenses for the price of the three
    titanium lenses. Do not forget that the most expensive part of
    photography is film and processing!


  5. So they aren't really constructed of titanium. Is that the case with
    the Contax G series as well, that it is just a coating?
  6. Sheesh, Brian Bell from Leica, NY told me that the Titanium and black
    lenses are sputtered on Aluminum. The Silver chrome finish is
    sputtered on Brass. So, for half the price of the Titanium, I'll
    take black! Thanks for all the help on this. I really love this
    site! No yelling and screaming....

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