RB67, shutter seems to have failed to fire at certain speeds.

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  1. Hello,

    I have recently bought an RB67 Pro S, however, it seems that from the developed images the shutter isn't working and has failed. How can I go about repairing this? It would also seem I have light leakage issues too. I have attached problem images.





  2. Can you post a photograph of the film, showing the edges and space between frames? Hard to tell, but it seems there could be a film advance problem. I am not 100% sure about this.

    Regarding the shutter, it can be tested without film in the camera. Either remove the film back, or rotate the revolving adapter 45 degrees, so the coupling arms in the upper corners at the rear of the camera body are exposed. Then cock the body and lens, and trip the shutter. Do this for all shutter speeds. Can you hear the shutter change speeds through the entire range?

    It is also possible to test the shutter with the lens removed from the body. Google found it:
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    thats a light leak! the black frames you say the shutter never opened? is the lens set for mirror up operation?

    check to see if the shutter is opening n closing properly? look from the open back as you go through the speeds. (common problem). take note if the mirror is operating as well.

    to check for the light leak... extend the bellows. put a bright light inside. now in a darkened room, look at the outside of the bellows from all angles to see if any light is leaking out.

    check all your foam seals to see if they are either gummy or dry n crmbly.

    does the back advance after every shot? getting 10 frames? when the back is due for service, it either winds to the end or skips frames or wont advance at all after the camera fires.

    its rare for rotating backs to go. seals get changed and sometimes the plates need to be sùeparated n relubed.

    where are you located?
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