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  1. Thinking about getting another RB67 Pro SD to do a little landscape, what lens would you recommend for that?
  2. I have an RB67 with 50mm, 90mm, 180mm, and 360mm. Most shots are with the 90mm which is a "normal". I really like the 50mm wide angle. If you already have an RB67, why are you asking us? What lenses have you already used for it?
  3. Had one about 15 years ago and was stolen, was just doing portraits with the 150 sf and 127, recently got a 645pro but I didnt like the feel of it so I sold it, but I always liked my RB67 pro sd. still have 2 discs for the 150, the other sadly went with the lens and the rest of my equipment.
  4. My landscape kit for the last 20 years or so includes a Mamiya RB67 ProS with 50mm, 127mm, and 360mm lenses. That just about covers most landscape challenges except for dense forests or big dramatic skies where I will also carry the 37mm f4.5 Fisheye.
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