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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by test1, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Hi, just wanted to share with you info I came by today - Microsoft has released RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP, which allows you now to see thumbnails directly in Windows Explorer. I've installed it and it works well. Main benefit is probably for people who use both Canon and Nikon RAW files. Anyway, here is the link http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/prophoto/raw.mspx
  2. Thanks! Works well.
  3. Here is another thread discussing the RAW viewer: "Microsoft release a raw viewer."
    It's a pretty big download, and some have had issues with it. FWIW, it works fine for me.
  4. Been using it 6 days now without a glitch. (I am using Canon and Nikon RAW/NEF from D70 and S70 with PS7)

    Excellent bit of software.
  5. Note that Microsoft say it requires Service Pack 2 for XP (SP2). Some people have had issues with SP2. Some people have had big issues in fact.

    Microsoft want everyone on SP2, so I'm not suprised they say it is required. I don't know if it will run on XP SP1.
  6. It doesn't work with XP SP1 (if I remember right, it wouldn't even install). After avoiding SP2 this long, I finally had to give in and download/install it. So far, it hasn't been a problem. Hopefully the bugs are all worked out of it.

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