RAW to JPG in Nikon View 6 error

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by neil_swanson, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. I often shoot the RAW/jpeg option in my D70s. It is fine until I do
    something where I've shoot 200 frames or so and then have to separate
    the RAW from the JPGs into separate folders to burn a CD of proofs
    from the jpegs.

    Yesterday I shot the Lemans Series race at Lime Rock in CT. I decided
    to shoot RAW only and use the feature in Nikon View 6 to copy NEF to
    jpegs. I figured it would save time later.

    So I used the pull down to access the NEF-jpeg conversion. As soon as
    I told it to apply to all images selected I got an error message, was
    asked if I wanted to continue or stop. I stopped after I realized it
    would ask me this for every frame.

    Anyone used this feature in View and had it work? Why didn't it work
    for me?

    I know I could have done this in batch in NC 4.3 or CS but I wanted to
    try it in View.
  2. All I know is that it works without a glitch with my D2X Nef files. I don't know about the
    D70s' Nef files, but I use NV vers. 6.2.5. Maybe you need that latest version (Mac

    Sorry to ask, but are you sure you do the right things?

    One, "Select Nef images" in the "Edit" menu.

    Two, "Copy and resize as Jpeg files" in the "Tools" menu.

    Three, set all parameters (size, quality and destination folder) in the ensuing box.

    Four, go for it.
  3. I'm using 6.2.6 and just converted 36 D100 NEFs to jpgs in no time! Like the last poster said-select and go!
  4. Alright good so it does work. I'll check what version of NV I have.

    From memory I do the following.......

    Say I have 20 NEFs on screen in NV, I highlight the 1st and then shift click the last to include all 20 images. Then in tools I pull down to convert to JPG. I pick a size, I select a destination and then quality.

    And then I got an error message. But you showed me something I hadn't seen. Another option, and I think this could work would be to select all JPEGs (or NEFs) and have NV move them to another folder.

    In the end it is doing what I want. NEFs in one folder and JPGs in another w/o having to sit there and drag and drop hundreds of images. The difference would be that maybe the JPGs would be larger than I want. I'm gonna try this now. Thanks for the pulldown tip I never saw.
  5. YES! That works. I opened another folder of NEFs and JPEGs. I selected JPEGs only in Edit and had NV move them to another folder. Just what I want w/o having to do it one at a time.

    I think what I did wrong was to tell NV to rename them but never gave it a name!?

    Thanks, this is a time saver.
  6. Each D70, D70s, D50, D2X, or D2H NEF contains a full sized "basic" JPEG embedded in the NEF file. You can copy these out of the file directly using a program called "preview extractor". It's about 20x faster than using Nikon View (which will decode the NEF, then generate a new JPEG).

    It will also display the shutter count of the above cameas...


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