Raw or DNG to Jpeg in Elements 4.0

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by himanshu, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I recently started using PS Elements 4.0 and have some confusion around using
    the RAW images. I am using images from a 20D and seems like Elements only lets
    me save those images in the .dng format. Although Elements opens up the .dng
    files it doesn't let me save them as Jpeg. The editing options with raw or dng
    are fairly limited and I can't figure out how to get a jpeg out of the images
    to access the rest of the editing features in Elements. (I can shoot raw and
    jpeg in the camera but that's not what I would like to do).

    I have the Scott Kelby book for Elements but it doesn't say anything about
    this transition. It just jumps from editing raw files to editing jpegs. Am I
    missing something?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Once you get levels and contrast set where you want it, change pixel depth from
    16bits@channel to 8Bits@channel. Then you'll be able to use the other features and save as

  3. Himanshu, saving to jpeg should be your very last step - and then only if you need jpeg. Save as psd so that you can go back and tweak your work, or as tif if you're sure that you're finished.
  4. RAW and DNG images from a DSLR are 16-bit. You must convert the file to 8-bit in order to save it as a JPEG. Do your editing, corrections, etc. on a 16-bit copy. There will be no change in appearance after conversion that way. Be sure to keep the original, unedited version as your "digital negative".
  5. Thanks everyone, it works now. What I was missing was, I was trying to use the Save button which opens up the DNG conversion window, rather than using the Open button which opens up the editor where I can save it as Tiff/Jpeg. Yes, I am saving the files as tiff, it's only for emailing/website purposes that i create jpegs. I don't like the fact that the process is slow, but I am loving the flexibility I have by shooting RAW...

    Thanks a lot for your help,
  6. First you open the file, then you can make some changes and finally you want to use the rest of the tools, or save it as .jpg. Two choices come to mind : - full edit (fairly correct, already used in PSE) - save as (used by anybody with more then two braincells or more than one week experience in the ICT.) The last thing you would expect is to need to use the button 'open'. 'Open' is used to open a file. The file is already open. 'Open' is the one you do NOT try. I've seen a lot of not-so-intuitive software (after 20 years of testing), but this beats really everything. Adobe, congratulations. If there is ever an award for stupid software options, you're gonna get it.

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