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  1. Hi, My camera allows me to shoot square format (1:1). I shot some raw and JPEG photos at 1:1 ratio. Adobe Bridge shows thumbnails at the 3.2 aspect for the raw image, 1:1 for JPEG but when I pull the raw image, which had been shown at the 3:2 aspect in Bridge, into Photoshop it's at the 1:1 ratio. I know the photo is at the 3:2 ratio (it's there in Bridge) but I'm having trouble accessing it. I was able to export the 3:2 aspect ratio picture to PDF, save it as TIFF, then edit it but that seemed awfully clumsy. The Silkypix RAW FILE CONVERTER which came with my Fujifilm camera (which I love) will also save it as a TIFF or JPEG file at the 3:2 ratio but let's talk about un-user friendly software! It may be a terrific piece of software once you figure it out but. But if I can pull the 3:2 aspect photo, even if it had been shot at 1:1, into Photoshop more easily, will someone please let me know how? I've attached the photo in the 3:2 and 1:1 ratios. Thanks. --Sally
  2. Open the image in ACR and check the crop ratio there. What you are seeing in Bridge is a simple preview
  3. Thanks, Ellis, what's ACR? I'm not very experienced with digital post-processing, can you tell? --Sally
  4. With the Fuji X-series cameras the aspect ratios other than 3:2 should affect only JPEGs. The RAF raw files should always retain the full 3:2 format.
    The free version of Silkypix included with Fuji X-cameras is barely adequate. Slow, and the results are usually inferior to the in-camera JPEGs. The newer versions of Silkypix are so slow they're useless on anything other than a maxed out turbocharged computer.
    Adobe Lightroom 5 and 6 handle Fuji RAF raw files. I'm still on LR 4.4 and use Adobe DNG converter, which converts RAFs to DNG which I can edit in Lightroom 4.4. While the conversion is better than Silkypix it doesn't quite seem to translate the full highlight and shadow detail, so I'm looking forward to upgrading to LR 6 after the initial bugs are worked out.
    Photo Ninja does a good job with Fuji RAFs but I didn't want to add yet another step in the workflow. The results are marginally better than Lightroom 4.4 via the DNG converter, but not as quick as Lightroom. Far better than Silkypix, though. The trial version is free, and full featured other than saving edited files. You can screencap the results for comparison with other raw converters.
    Incidentally, the Ricoh GRD cameras have optional 1:1 and other aspect ratios, but it seems to affect the raw files as well. If the full 4:3 aspect ratio is recorded, I haven't figured out a way to dig it out of the DNGs.
  5. ACR is Adobe Camera Raw. From Bridge, if you double click on a Raw image it will open up in a new dialog box allowing you to edit Raw images before opening them in Photoshop. You can also do some editing of jpeg's in ACR but you need to right click on the jpeg in Bridge and select Open In ACR to do it.
  6. Thanks, Lex, Anthea.

    Yes, raw files retain the full 3:2 format. Photoshop CS6 handled raw and JPEGs from my Olympus camera just fine, I could open the JPEG in 1:1, raw (ORF) 3:2.

    I'd been doing what Anthea suggested, double-clicking on the raw file in Bridge. The RAF files come up at the 1:1 ratio with no option that I can find to open it in 3:2.


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