Raw files in Bridge do not open in Photoshop when I batch process

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by carlosmiller, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. This is a recent problem because I used to be able to batch process raw files by
    selecting a certain amount of raw files by clicking on "open in camera raw" then
    doing my adjustments, then clicking on "select all" and then clicking on "open
    (XX) images" on the bottom right hand corner.

    This would open all the files in Photoshop CS2, where I would begin to batch
    process them using an action by selecting "opened files".

    However, for some reason, when I click on "select all" in Bridge, nothing
    happens. The files do not open in PS CS2 no matter how many times I try to do
    this. Nothing I've searched on the Internet addresses this.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. There are several things you must do. First, make sure PSCS2 is selected in file preferences (Microsoft file explorer) as the program designated to open image files (TIF, JPG, PSD, and variations). Secondly, make sure you have not selected any sub directories when you "select all". Finally, use Tools/Photoshop/Image Processor in Bridge rather than attempting to open the files. Once you select files in Bridge, you can also execute scripts and actions besides Image Processor.
  3. The Bruce Frasier book has the exact answer but mine has been borrowed. I think it depends on whether Bridge was invoked from Photoshop (i.e. hosted by Photoshop) or in Bridge. I think the action needs to do an open as the first operation to make it load when you are coming from Bridge. All my DNJ2JPG actions do that. Record the operaton by opening a 16-bit image, doing what you want to do then save the action. It will override the file name from bridge automatically.

    I would click DONE In RAW and return to Bridge and kick off from bridge. The same images should be highlighted.

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