Raw File Size on D70?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by bryan_simpson, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering what's the average size of a raw file on the D70? I am planning on getting
    a 512MB card, but first wanted to know how many raw files it would hold.

  2. In Raw+jpeg you get about 75 images on there. The RAW are compressed. Note that the image counter shows about half the actual number it will hold.
  3. why are the d70 raw files smaller than the d100s?
  4. The NEF files (uncompressed) should be just about 9MB in size.
  5. The D70 does not record uncompressed NEF files, only compressed NEF ones. Average size is 5.5-6 MB.
  6. doesnt that take longer to store...? i know on the d100 compressed raw takes forever...really a waste of a file type i think...is the d70s firmware and hardware that much faster than the d100s?
  7. Yep, that much faster that they don't even offer uncompressed NEF. Ken rockwell says less than .5 seconds to compress!!!. It's about 35 seconds each on my D100. That means that you get nearly twice the shots on the same card with a D70 compared to a D100.
  8. Yowza. Count on the D100 getting refreshed or replaced soon.
  9. I can confirm Greg's statement. I have the D70 and when I shoot in RAW format, I don't know about the stats, but I don't notice any slow down, lag or wait time. It's just like shooting with a film SLR IMO.
  10. ...Also, I get approximately 44 files on a 512MB card in RAW format. 144 on the same, when shooting in JPEG FINE.
  11. On the D70, a compressed RAW file is roughly about 5 or 6 meg, yet in all the specs I have read on the D70 they claim a capacity of ONLY 21 or so RAW files on a 256 card, is that a misprint in the specs or is there a reason for the inability to fit any more on the card, it would seem a figure of 40 or so would be more realistic, wouldn't it!


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