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  1. Hi folks

    My old photoshop CS4 converts Canon 5D files but not those from the Canon 6D. Anyone know what software works for the 6D? (1st version 6D)

    I've downloaded Canon's DPP which in fact works quite well, but for some reason a couple times now doesn't give me access to folders when I open it. I just opened it now and the folders are there. I didn't change any settings on it from last night when they weren't accessible. Very odd.

    Anyway if I keep this camera I want to make sure there is a software option- and hopefully more than one to choose from- that does a nice job with 6D RAW files.

  2. The 6D wasn't even announced until more than two years after Adobe replaced CS4 (which was more than 11 years ago), so it's not surprising that CS4 won't read the files.It might work to use Adobe's free DNG converter to convert the .CR2 files to DNG.
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    Both free (open source).
  4. PS:eek:f course, most if not all current software will do this. I assumed that because you are sticking with very old Adobe software, you don't want to pay for new software. If so, I think the options are converting the files or using current free open source software.
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    Right, with old Adobe raw converters (in PS), the only solution is conversion to DNG to continue use.
    Thank (in this case) Canon for updating their proprietary raws again and again, for zero reasons. The JPEG from that old Canon will open without any issue in that old (or newer) versions of Photoshop.
  6. If Canon's DPP is going to decide to work consistently for me it does very nice work optimizing the image. Just tried a file shot with a 5D I had processed in Camera Raw and photoshop I didn't think could get better, but it is. And with a 6D file with too high contrast it worked wonders.
    Hopefully I don't hit snags with DPP again, but if I do maybe I'll try the Adobe DNG converter, though I've read some people saying the results were less than desired.

    With regard to free software I've used, VueScan has been very good, but I've not been much of a fan of efex pro. Straight photographs with optimum exposure and contrast is essentially what I'm after.
  7. Any of the last three or four versions of Photoshop Elements will convert the Canon 6D files. The newest version can be had for less than $70 on sale at the big photo equipment and supply houses (Adorama, B&H etal) Good luck!
  8. So I have been using Canon's DPP and I've actually grown to like it. I can run the 5D files through it too as well as photoshop CS4 occasionally to compare results, and I think the DPP with the few 5D files I've tried has done a little bit better job than CS4, with less effort.

    Thanks for your responses!

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