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  1. I have been a member of Photo.net for 3 years now and I have seen the ratings go
    through ups and downs. I have noticed for the past 6 months at least I have have
    received constantly low ratings right at the start. I am not a professional
    photographer, I do not expect 7's or 6's. They come so infrequently I think I
    have won the lottery if I get one. One thing that does bother me is the constant
    3/3 ratings as soon as I post a photo.I know what many are thinking, maybe some
    one just didn't like your photo? Over the span of the past 8 months I have
    posted fewer photographs just for the reason of judging the system. Every time I
    post a photo, the first rating I get is a 3/3 on a 90% basis followed by at
    least 3 or 4 more... Like I said, I don't expect 7's or 6's, and I don't get
    that many, so don't judge me by what I'm complaining about. I have almost come
    to the conclusion of not putting up my photos for ratings, which is sad because
    that is the only way photos are seen here. I was wondering if anyone has
    suggested a dual rating sytem before? A system of ratings that prioritize on
    members who pay their dues, and less on bots which do exist. I am not blaming
    the system, it is hard I imagine to ensure proper ratings and what not while
    keeping photo.net open to the public, but maybe if their was 2 tiers, one being
    members and the other the public, we could get a sense of where our photo stands
    with our peers? Eben if they averaged out to the public, I would feel better
    knowing my peers who have judged my photo and have paid their dues are somewhat
    serious about photography and value their opinion much much more.
  2. Hi, Joe,
    I agree with everything you said 100% I think those annoying bots are still at work here. And while I, too, am not expecting rave reviews via ratings, the 3's always appear within seconds of my posting a photo...sometimes 2, 3, or 4 sets of 3's. Since I'm still learning the how to's of my camera, techniques, etc., and trying to hone my skills, I appreciate and respect every comment I get. I'd like, however, the better numbers I get to mean something but, if they're brought down by the dreaded bots they're rendered meaningless. Another thought I have is how the new member's numbers are not counted...if they're allowed to 'vote', they should be counted! I wonder if they're added back in when they've 'proven' themselves? Your idea about the 2 tiers sounds like a good one. I'm sure instituting any big change would take a lot of time and effort, but something like it seems necessary since there is an overwhelming sense of disappointment, confusion, and mainly mistrust.
    Hope the head honchos are listening!
    Be well...
  3. Hi Lori, yes it is frustrating. As far as I know the "new" ratings are reviewed by the photo.net mods and if they are approved they are given permanent status.I'm sure the mods will agree with me here, there a lot of new votes, hence my idea of a two tier system of members of the site and votes from people who haven't joined. I don't want you as a new member of the site to get frustrated and leave because of the ratings, just know they are what they are. I have learned countless tips and techniques from everyone who has posted to the forums. There is a wealth of info here on photo.net and I don't want anyone to be discouraged from seeking it.
  4. I agree, I am seriously thinking about not submitting my pictures anymore for ratings/critique. I get a lot of 3s with no constructive advice. I'll still continue to rate though, maybe I'm helping someone.
  5. Josh has been stating that there have been several (lots of them) bots lately with bogus ratings on them so that is why the LOW ratings and why you see them on there and sometimes dissapear too. I just LOVE it when I get the comments and now I sit around lucky when I actually get annoynomous ratings at all.
  6. If you are getting mostly 3's, maybe you are posting a lot of 3's. No offence intended here, just helpful comments. I saw your portfolio. There were some good pictures, even one to which I once gave a 6 or 7. But most of them are not great or outstanding. Maybe you should concentrate on how to make them better. And only post the very best. I do not know any photographer who turns out only outstanding work. A lot of thinking, shooting and editing is needed.
  7. You can see my rating average on my page, it's mostly 5 and 6's.
  8. Actually, if you look a little more carefully, it's mostly 4's. ;-) (4.47/4.49)

    And there's nothing wrong with being average.
  9. I agree, I was actually referring to the ratings I have given though.
  10. Joe, “..... and I have seen the ratings go through ups and downs.”

    Yes, I posted some images today (after a long time) ..and I saw the number of ratings yo-yo up and down from '8 new' to '3 new' and all the way in-between. I think it is hard to have any respect for any kind of any-mouse anonymous ratings now ~ however meaningful or legal some might be.

    I really push for us members/contributors to have a choice not to accept anonymous ratings if we so wish.
  11. les


    Yes, why not ? This would really piss some of these individuals off :>D

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