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  1. That's because it's in shades of gray. Not black. Not white. Tricky stuff.
  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    on my screen it's pure black. like tar. sticky stuff.

  3. Translation: "I don't understand Supriyo's post. I don't want to discuss it. I will interfere with anybody else trying to discuss it."
  4. Glenn....think it's time you packed the toy box away....................................................TAXI !!
  5. I think not. Disruptive behavior is empowered only when you engage with them. If you ignore them, we can still continue with the discussion by sticking to the point, although in this case I think we have covered majority's of it.
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  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    actually it was a quote from a poem. thought u wood'v got that.
  7. that is an interesting comment, and I am sorry to be switching subject here. As a photographer of glamour and nudes, I am possibly more prone than others to this problem. I agree that it is best not to "encounter such people" and I try never to do it, but that depends on the ability to get a quick response from the administration which is not always possible. Now on the old PN, you could "block" such individuals, but one cannot do that any longer and I regret this profoundly. This gives the possibility to certain individuals to mock the "red line" warnings they apparently receive from administration and to just wait for a new opportunity to pounce. Last week, one such recurrent offender over a period of two years wrote a comment under my photo asking how old the child was when I photographed her. The subject in question is a 26 year old professional model and makeup artist! I waited five days for the comment to be removed, I understand the prevailing circumstances, but that would not occur if I could block the protagonist.
  8. I think that rating is a good think, but my major problem was that it was used to create a mutual admiration society. I will rate you and you will rate me, preferentially high. If you don't like my pictures I will rate all your photos low. Most photo.net members are honest and wonderful people but few are not. I am not sure how a rating can be reintroduced and not create a problem that I described above
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  9. John, I sympathize with you. In the new PN, there is an option to 'ignore' a member, but I am not sure what it does (never used it). May be it can serve your purpose?
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  10. I think that in order to critique or rate a photo, you have to at least like it in some way. So, I would prefer that all ratings come with a helpful critique. Or, all critiques should come with a rating along the three dimensions listed. (I might add that I find it hard to reconcile that so many wonderful photos have few views, and some really average picture have hundreds, and number of views seems to be what gets a photo high on the trending list?).
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  11. Hello everyone, I have a few suggestions for the new rating system. I believe that the new rating system:

    1) should be easy: four categories (Aesthetics...) to judge for the rater are too much. One category (1-7 like in the old site) or just Admire/Skip should be enough. Furthermore, it is difficult to judge Postprocessing for many people as they might not know how much PP is behind the image.

    2) should be as objective - fair as possible - best anonymous (double blind) the rater should not know the identity of the rated photographer and vice versa

    3) should be effective in helping to create the order of photos in the Trending Photos page, views should not matter, as they, at present, can be easily manipulated by simply pressing "Refresh" in the browser, even by the photographs authors themselves. Currently, the Trending photos are not in an ideal state, some good photograps get very few views, while some average ones get a lot of them. May be just my opinion, though.

    4) it would be good to stimulate users to rate - one e.g. could earn points, may seem silly for some, but many people like games and it works on other sites and I think that this way others could see who is active and helps the site to be run. I leave this up to the admins whether some distinctions/benefits for active raters/critiquers could be created. The higher number of ratings per photo, the more objective its placement in the Trending photos.

    5) there should be a kind of a "rating room" where the rater is viewing only a single image at a time, with no scrolling elements in the visual interface and being able to select a category to rate, and having the Rate 1-7 (or Admire/Skip) + Report button, and a Critique/Comment box. Nothing else. Upon rating, another image would be displayed. This is something that was there already in the previous version of PN. The rating would remain anonymous, the comment not. The list of Critiques as it is now makes it difficult to rate a higher number of photos.
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  12. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    The 'problem' with publicly visible "points" is well established in the history of many fora. In several software platforms this is sometimes shown as 'Karma' 'Reputation' or some other scoring system. It often leads to very bad mojo between members--who inflate certain 'good old boy' cohort members--and vote down ASTRONOMICALLY those who are not of their thinking.

    The developers of Xenforo (this platform on PN) have resisted this scoring system from the beginning. Third party developers have determined not to offer a plug-in that extends the core function of the forum to make this happen. Great debates over this and the 'Like' system (part of the core) have been raging on in Xenfora support forums since 2010. From the vendor side, it appears that a function like this is never going to happen.

    This leaves custom development of such a function. Doing something like this involves substantial changes to a number of core PHP files that make the forum run. That is bad practice--and boxes site developers and administrators into a corner. When this is done (unlike using a plug-in which can be temporarily removed or updated), updating the function and security of the platform itself through updates and patches becomes a major chore--as such modifications must be rewritten each time an update or patch is applied. Then comes that dark day that the update changes something so significantly that the modification code changes no longer work at all--and totally new code must be written, tested, and applied.

    But, I will give your original post a 'Like' for the thought! :cool:
  13. If ratings must return, I would be in favour of subscribing members only being able to rate and be rated, in fact it could be offered as a bonus feature for subscribers.

    There are a lot of Trolls around, and they are less likely to behave as such if they have to pay for a subscription.
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  14. I would not submit my photographs to a rating system. So for me to continue to use PN it would have to be an option to have photos rated. Why not simply have a seeking rating option for those who find ratings useful or enjoyable.
    It seems to me that the more important issue for PN is to encourage helpful critique/discussion of more submitted work. What about the idea of a critique panel to give a brief comment to all seeking critique. So as to get the ball rolling? In other words havind a critique section in which you know you will get critique.
    So have a choice of rating, critique or opt out.
  15. brf


    It looks like from all these discussions, it might not be worth the effort to re-introduce ratings. I never considered them more than just entertainment value, although it was gratifying when something was consistently rated well. Critiques, on the other hand, can generally offer more value. Even "atta boy" ones ( nice shot, well done etc) is a kind of recognition and affirmation that something works and touched someone. Some folks (like me) don't always have time to post lengthy comments but would like to acknowledge the work.
    If ratings do go in effect, they should not be anonymous. And maybe each level could be given the choice of a reason e.g. 3- because of, blurry, poor composition, no focus point or a custom reason. These would make the system more valid as a feedback rather than just a personal opinion.
    I am often frustrated when a photo which is so clearly, at least on my monitor, out of focus, with dull colors and poor composition receives comments like- "spot on sharpness" or great color when obviously is not, but the receiver is popular.
    I've also noticed that there are few posts for critique, which we monitor daily. Maybe it isn't clear or easy enough for this to be done? At the same time there are many "new" uploads in general- although many look more like facebook posts (image after image of the same person somewhere or other)
    Good luck!
  16. brf


    Upon further thinking, if there is a rating system, it would be good to have those choices (or others) for each level- in other words, defining what the level means, so it would be clear on both sides.
  17. I thought that ratings were fun unless taken to seriously as many tended to do. In the balance,the work of highly rated members did tend to be of superior quality and originality. I do think that no rating method will be perfect and probably the simpler the better, also, it should be limited to paying members..
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