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  1. after a while i've been in photo.net ,i learn a lot about photography and think
    i have my work improved but something is really interesting :
    there are four kind of photos in this site :

    1.photos that people rate a lot and rate high
    2.photos that people rate a lot and rate low
    3.photos that people do not rate a lot
    4.photos with fake ratings

    im talking about the second kind , you suddenly see a very well executed
    portrait from an old man with beard and the man is not beautiful , the picture
    is not so manipulated , and the oldman is not sexy ! , and the photo is
    extremely sharp with very good composition, then you see a lot of people rate
    this , why ? i think because in their innerselves they think this is a great
    photo, but when they think about this ,they think so what makes this photo great
    , this ugly old person ! then they rate it low !
    you just put a very beautiful sexy model instead of the oldman and you do not
    need that strong composition and sharpness for getting a lot of 7/7 .
  2. The rating system is altered by members` ignorance, stupidity, shalowness and by the phenomenon of mate rating.
  3. Hi AmirAli, My advice is to ignore ratings and encourage people to leave comments instead. As you've noticed ratings are pretty much meaningless. Besides, 90 percent of the shots you take, you won't get to do over again unless perhaps they're studio, product shots so it's very debateable as to whether they accomplish what they were initially intended to do - which is to teach you something and make you a better photographer.

    Many times though, comments can help.

    I'm also intrigued by who thinks what constitutes a "good" photograph. For example, I live in the US but my sister lives in London. She looked at my Photonet portfolio and asked me for a print of one of my shots.

    IMHO, it's one of the *worst* pictures I've *ever* taken in my life, but she LOVES it and has asked me to send her a print! Go figure.

    Photographs are a lot like music and hardly any two people, when selected at random, will like the same music or the same photograph.

    Just my .02 cent's worth - good luck!
  4. Beau, I`m a little curious about which photo from your portofolio you are talking about. I might like it too! :D

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